2 event venues in Milan: contemporary vs traditional

10 watt milan corporate event venue

Finding the right venue is a vital part of event planning. Whether you’re hosting a press conference, company team-building event or gala dinner, the space you share with your guests is going to define the way the event itself feels. Events are a way of communicating your corporate identity: you want them to be memorable and enjoyable, you want your attendees to go home afterwards with something to talk about, having developed an emotional connection with your brand. All this can be accomplished by hiring the right venue, whereas picking the wrong one could nullify all the effort you put into organise an otherwise perfect event. We at Smart Eventi specialise in corporate event planning in Italy and over the years we have built an extensive and ever-growing network of connections with the best venues in the Country. If you are planning a corporate event in Milan, for instance, you should consider these two amazing venues.

2 event venues in Milan: contemporary vs traditional

10 Watt – a multifunctional space with a post-industrial vibe

10 watt milan corporate event venuesIf you love post-industrial architecture and converted spaces, Milan is the place to be. Over the past decade, a number of spectacular buildings with a glorious industrial past have been turned into amazing event venues, with stylish and tasteful renovation work that maintains the original look while equipping the space to meet the demands of complex corporate events. 10 Watt is one such. It is located in the popular area known as Navigli, which is the epitome of this kind of transformation: once an industrial neighbourhood, with a high concentration of workshops and factories, it is now a trendy hub of style and and a favourite haunt for fashionistas, artists and young creatives, with the aforementioned spaces turned into showrooms and ateliers. 10 Watt was born as headquarters for a film production company, subsequently converted into a bolt factory. Nowadays, it is one of the most fascinating and futuristic venues in Milan. Composed by a series of stylish lofts, this venue boasts 1000 square meters of usable space, divided into four thematic areas: Light, Color, Acqua & Gym and Yori Studio. This division makes it a naturally versatile place, allowing clients to hire different parts of the venue for different purposes. This is also a highly equipped venue, making use of the latest home automation technologies to offer a unique multimedia experience. Hire 10 watt for anything from press conferences to product showcasing, from photoshootings to creative workshops.

I Chiostri di San Barnaba

venue chiostri di san barnaba umanitaria milan corporate event venuesThis is a venue with a completely different personality. Get ready to leave the industrial vibe behind and dive straight into Milan’s glorious history, with a magnificent cloister complex that was built in the XV Century. Its original purpose was the housing of a new congregation of Franciscan monks, that had close ties to the powerful Sforza family. Confiscated by Napoleon in the early XIX Century, the building was deconsacrated and converted into a state-owned facility to be used initially as stables, then as a warehouse and later on as a hospital and as a reformatory school. The complex has four cloisters, a beautiful garden and six halls, all of which can be hired as separate venues for prestigious corporate events. Any gathering hosted here will be infused with the sense of beauty, harmony and grandeur that only a building with a long and fascinating history can impart. Hire the Cloisters for a gala dinner, an official presentation or a conference, make use of the stunning plane-tree garden in the summer and host multimedia presentations and live events in the auditorium. For a grand dinner, be sure to book the Fish Cloister – which owes its name to the vast fish stone tank in its centre – as it is the most spacious of the four, and the Wisteria Cloister for photoshootings, as its simple elegance makes it easier to customise according to your specific needs.

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