21st Century. Design After Design – XX1T International Exhibition 2016

21st Century. Design After Design

The XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, titled “21st Century. Design After Design” will take place from April 2nd to September 12th 2016. This year’s exhibition is an open challenge to the world’s artists to respond to a general feeling of impending doom and a time of great uncertainty, by finding new directives, new cardinal coordinates on which to base our culture as a civilisation. Designers, being true to their title, are invited to design, to plan and project their ideas for our collective future, tracking down the sparks of innovation and following the threads of progress.

The Triennale Museum

The Triennale Museum has long been at the forefront of the international art and design scene. If you were expecting a traditional museum, you might be in for a surprise. What you’ll find is an ever-changing hub of art and culture, with a dazzling all-year-round calendar of exhibitions and educational projects. The idea behind this institution is to research art and design for what they are: means of communication. Industrial and fashion design, in that respect, hold as much communicative and human potential as art for art’s sake and are, therefore, equally worthy of being exhibited, analysed, understood and admired. The Triennale has therefore hosted exhibitions on renowned and universally acknowledged artists such as Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as fashion designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani.

The Institution

The triennial international decorative arts exhibition is the reason this institution was created, and the building that houses it was dates back to 1933. The exhibition, in its original concept, was initially held in Monza and it started in 1923, moving to Milan a decade later. It was conceived as a way to investigate and try to provide solutions to contemporary themes and problems, to keep the dialectic tension between art and society alive and relevant. Contamination was always central to this institution’s projects: different forms of art and technology were encouraged to mix, coming up with inventive solutions for real problems, without ever failing to address the aesthetic value of objects and artefacts. In time, the historical home of the Triennale – Palazzo dell’Arte – has become the centre of the cultural scene in Milan and it now includes a library, a theatre and several areas dedicated to performances and entertainment. It is a lively, active institution that takes active part in the city’s cultural and artistic evolution.

A design exhibition in Milan. All over Milan

The Triennale Museum historical building won’t be the only location for this year’s exhibition. The project will span across several venues, all chosen for their active contribution to the city’s fame as a hub of international design. Different projects will be assigned to different venues according to themes, genres and – obviously – sizes of the displayed works. Here’s a complete list of all the locations that will host exhibitions and events connected to the XX1T International Exhibition:

– Fabbrica del Vapore
– HangarBicocca
– MUDEC – Museo delle Culture
– Museo Diocesano
– Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci
– Palazzo della Permanente
– Politecnico di Milano – Campus Leonardo e Bovisa
– Ex Stecca delle Acciaierie Ansaldo
– Università IULM
– Villa Reale in Monza

What else to do in Milan

This year, Milan will be hosting a number of national and international events that you might want to check out if you happen to be in the area during the exhibition. From April 8th to 13th, for instance, you could visit Miart, an international arts fair. If you happen to visit in May, on the other hand, you might be just in time for the Champions League final or, if you fancy a short trip to Venice, the International Architecture Biennale (May 28th to November 27th). In June, you might get a chance to attend the events of the Men’s Fashion Week and, in September, you might catch the Gran Prix in Monza.

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