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A lively debate has been going on in Italy for over a century on what the capital city of the Country should be. While Rome firmly retains its status as the political capital of the Country, Milan has often been referred to as both the economic and moral capital. This is due a combination of historical and geographical factors. The Italian Stock Market is located here and historically a large part of the Country’s industry has blossomed in the northern regions. Geographically, Milan is closer to the rest of continental Europe and handier than Rome. Moreover, it has all the makings of a true European metropolis. This, in short, is why most international companies wishing to do business in Italy pick Milan over Rome for their corporate events. The city welcomes these international travelers with open arms, providing them with a multitude of beautiful locations, top-of-the-range facilities and efficient infrastructure. We have already offered you a small selection of our favourite venues in which to host corporate events. Here’s three more we hope you might find interesting.

Nest 13: an exclusive hideout in the heart of Milan

nest 13 milan venues corporate

This handsome loft is located in the prestigious Via Montenapoleone, in the very heart of the most celebrated fashion district in the world. Holding your press day or launching your product here gives a very clear message: it broadcasts to your audience and to the world that class, elegance and sophistication are core values of your brand identity and that you will not be holding back when it comes to quality. As well as being a small gem of a venue, Nest 13 comes with a lush garden terrace, on which your attendees will be able to sip cocktails while enjoying a magnificent view of the city. Best suited for invitation-only, exclusive events, the loft itself can welcome 30 people comfortably, while about 50 can fit on the terrace. Discretion is its strong suit: secret dinners and art shows, business meetings in the lap of luxury or exclusive after parties in which new ideas are allowed to flow freely. Creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and communicators will be in their natural habitat at Nest 13. Basic services, like kitchen, wifi and lightning, are included in the venue’s standard offer, but customisation is always possible and even encouraged.

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Palazzo Clerici: historic venues are not just museums

palazzo clerici milan venuesWhen you welcome your guests in a XVII century hall with a fresco by Tiepolo, you are making a major statement about your brand and your event. Palazzo Clerici is a masterpiece of Italian architecture and one of Milan’s major historic buildings. It was renovated in the XVIII century and it bears traces of that style too, particularly in the original furniture of the Music Room and in Maria Theresa of Austria’s bedroom. Several noble families have owned, inhabited and rearranged this mansion over the centuries and each has left a lingering trace of their unique taste. The original owners were the famous Visconti family, but it was the Clerici family, who acquired the building in the late XVII century, to give the mansion its current name. This is one of the most prestigious venues you can hire for your corporate event and it is definitely the right choice if you wish to inspire awe and admiration. When you associate your brand with Palazzo Clerici you are not only setting it in a contest of utmost beauty, but also casting it on a solid background of history and tradition.

Circolo della Stampa: the perfect location for your conference in Milan

circolo stampa milan venues

Most major events, from large exhibitions to official presentations, from press conferences to fashion shows and workshops will benefit from being held in this majestic historic mansion. Located in the central and elegant Corso Venezia, in what is commonly known as Milan’s art district of Brera, this venue boasts a series of spacious and richly decorated halls. Rooms vary in size and appearance, making this ancient building unexpectedly flexible: whatever your needs may be, if you are planning a top event, you will find your perfect match here. Choose a smaller room for a corporate cocktail party, a chance to wine and dine with commercial partners, colleagues and clients, select a larger one for a product presentation or large educational projects.


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