3 Italian trade shows that got postponed (or not) due to Coronavirus

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Trade shows in Italy took a major hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic and every single one of them has been postponed. We are choosing to see this as an opportunity to do our part for the collective health by staying home, but also a chance for our clients to gather and regroup, so that they are truly prepared to give it their best, when they do attend these trade shows. In this post we will tell you about three amazing Italian trade shows that got rescheduled and about the steps you can take to prepare for them, if you are planning to attend. If you are planning on expanding your brand’s influence in the fields of food & wine, architecture & design or fashion, we suggest you take part in these Italian trade shows. And if you are already planning on exhibiting or would like to organise a collateral event, we can help you make your experience truly worth the investment. Here are the trade shows you should look out for in the near future.

3 Italian trade shows that got postponed due to Coronavirus and how to attend

Vinitaly – April 18 – 21 – 2021 – Verona

Vinitaly is the most famous wine-related exhibition in the world and its 54th edition has been postponed by a whole year. It is going to be held in Verona from April 18th to 21st 2021. This is not a public event: since its inception, Vinitaly has been a business-only trade show, where producers, buyers, and brokers meet to establish trade deals for the years to come, to launch new brands and to try out new products. This edition is going to pack over 4600 companies and 400 separate events. If you are in the wine business, you simply have to be there. We can help you set up your stand to create amazing attendee experiences, maximising ROI and brand awareness. Orgainse tastings with the most important buyers in the industry, create your own collateral events and advertise them to the industry press, and, in the evening, take your clients out for dinner in the best restaurants in Verona. We can help you turn your trade show experience into a business booster for the whole year. Call us now!

trade shows in 2020 vinitaly

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Architecture Biennale – August 29 – November 29 – Venice

The XVII edition of the International Architecture Biennale is going to open in Venice on August 29th and it will continue to attract specialised visitors to the most beautiful city in the world until November 29th. This event has not so much been postponed as shortened. Unlike most Italian trade shows, its original duration allowed more room for tweaking without disrupting the plan entirely. Therefore the opening date has been moved from May to August, while the closing date has not changed. In the words of its curator, architect and researcher Prof. Hashim Sarkis, this year’s edition focuses on finding new ways of facing the challenges of architecture in our modern world. A wealth of world-famous architects and new and emerging talents will be travelling to Venice, hoping to find ways of affirming their vision for the world to come, reinventing the spaces in which we live, work, travel and learn. If you submitted a project for one of the many collateral events, we can help you organise it down to the last detail, from finding accommodation and arranging travel plans for your whole team to managing your press office and communication in Italy. Moreover, if you want to treat your employees, colleagues or clients to a unique experience in Venice, we can secure the best venues for private dinners and special events. Check out what we did for this client’s meeting!

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Pitti Uomo – June 16 to 19 – Florence

Pitti Uomo has not been postponed so far. Its organisers have decided not to move the original dates, because they already fell well away from the scheduled end of the national lockdown. We strongly invite those hoping to attend to factor in the possibility that the event might indeed end up being postponed, if the crisis lasts longer than expected, not just in Italy but all over Europe. Whether it gets reschedule or not, however, this is the fashion event that defines the trends to come in the global lifestyle market. There’s so much more to Pitti Uomo than just fashion: it’s about culture, meaning, and today’s zeitgeist. As usual hundreds of events will pop up all over Florence alongside the official ones. Over 1200 exhibitors will be visiting the city, from all tiers of the industry: manufacturers, textile companies, researchers experimenting with new materials, designers, buyers, artisans, craftsmen, bloggers, influencers and journalists. Planning a fashion show during such a hectic time is not easy. If you are planning on launching your brand or your new collection, you will need to secure a venue and promote your event to target the right crowd. We can help you showcase your products and services in the best possible way, hire multilingual staff for your event and even make sure all the most relevant influencers and press representatives are on your guest list!ù

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