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So you’ve decided to host an event in the Milan. What’s the first item on your to-do list? If you are anything like us, you will be looking at the venue before you do anything else, as finding the right venue is the first step to hosting a successful event. We have worked with some of the best event venues in Italy and we suggest you check out our top three choices for your corporate events in Milan.

Palazzina Appiani

palazzina appiani event venues milanIf you are aiming for grandeur and prestige for your event, this historic residence is the venue you have been looking for. A masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture, conveniently located within the largest park in Milan, Palazzina Appiani combines the gravitas of a long and distinguished history with the efficiency of a perfectly functional event venue. It was built in the late XVIII century, as the official gallery for the French Emperor Napoleon and his family, when they were set to make public appearances in Milan. Their presence in the city was nothing if not controversial, as it was the result of an invasion and it prompted a period of intense civil and political unrest. Amid all this, the Emperor had great plans for Milan and he aimed to transform it into a modern metropolis, as a celebration of his own power. The sumptuous interiors of the Palazzina, with their frescoes and Neoclassical decor in the style of Andrea Appiani, are the physical embodiment of this philosophy. Nowadays, this building is opened to the public for guided tours and on special occasions, and it is also available for high-end corporate events. Your attendees will reach it easily with public transport, and they will be awed by its grandiose structure and magnificent halls. Hire this venue for gala dinners, corporate anniversaries and other official occasions.

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Villa Necchi Campiglio

villa necchi campilglio event venues milanOne fantastic thing about Milan is the eclectic mix of architectural styles that can be found here. Layers upon layers of history can be traced just by taking a walk through the city centre. Take Villa Necchi Campiglio, for instance: amid a cluster of Neoclassical building, it stands out as a jewel of rationalist architecture. Commissioned by the Necchi sisters, Gigina and Nedda, it was designed by architect Piero Portaluppi and built in the early ‘30s. This was meant to be the epitome of the modern family home: comfortable, elegant and well-organised. Among its many extravagances, it boasted the first private swimming pool that Milan had ever seen, a private gym and a home cinema. This house was so modern that, seeing it today, you would scarcely credit its actual age. And that’s still the case even though, after the war, the owners decided to have a few changes made, adding marble finishings and fireplaces, to bridge the gap between the villa’s austere design and the current taste of their time. Nowadays, the villa contains two magnificent art collections, featuring paintings by great Italian masters such as Tiepolo, Canaletto, Sironi, Martini and De Chirico. If you are looking for a venue in which to host a memorable party, celebrate an anniversary in style or host a press conference, this is the place for you. In the fair season, don’t miss the opportunity to serve cocktails by the pool: your attendees will thank you!

Spazio Edit

spazio edit milan event venues milanIf your event needs something a tad more modern and versatile, we suggest you take a look at the wonderful Spazio Edit. This venue was born with the specific intent of offering companies and event planners the perfect space in which to communicate their brand values through the medium of events. Spazio Edit focuses entirely on providing outstanding event services and it can be entirely customised. Conveniently located in central Milan, it has spacious, sleek interiors, high ceilings, a magnificent view of the city skylight, and a private courtyard for outdoor events. Hire it for press days, corporate meetings, product presentations, team-building sessions, photo shoots and exhibitions. This is also the perfect place to go if you are visiting Milan on business and you need temporary offices or a temporary showroom.

In conclusion

With its fascinating and multicultural history radiating from every wall and cobblestone, mixed with the atmosphere of crisp efficiency of a cosmopolitan European capital, Milan has been gaining a reputation as the perfect place to do business and host global events, ranging from trade-shows to conventions, from international product launches and world-premieres to corporate meetings that decide the destiny of entire industries. Smaller events too find their natural environment in the financial capital of Italy, thanks to a vibrant SMBs and startup scene. To match the sights and sounds of this amazing city, you will need the perfect venue to accommodate your event needs and help you achieve your goals! We are here to help.

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