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Tourists have a controversial relationship with Milan. While holiday-goers usually avoid it, favouring seaside destinations or the majestic quiet of the Alps, professional travellers usually love it at first sight. There’s something about the unique blend of crisp efficiency and traditional Italian attitude that radiates from every pebble in this city. And while tourists may often be in two minds about Milan, we have no mixed feelings whatsoever: we love it passionately and unconditionally. Milan is our city and, even though we have expanded both nationally and internationally over the past five years, we still have a very real feeling of being somehow connected to this beautiful city. Love, of course, comes from knowledge: the reason we love Milan is that we know it quite well, we know the people and the workings behind venues and events and we know how to create atmospheres and access resources. In short, we know how to make an event successful in Milan and we know where to find the perfect location for virtually every possible need. If you are considering Milan for your next meeting or corporate event, we urge you to try one of these amazing locations.

Duomo 21: Milan at its glorious best

Milan duomo cathedralIf you are planning to entertain guests in Milan, why would you settle for anything but the best view possible? Milan is a beautiful and diverse city and every visitor goes away with a different image of the city, but there’s one element that takes root in everyone’s memory: the Cathedral. Milan’s duomo, with its gothic profile jutting up against the sky and its majestic proportions polarising gazes in the midst of the fashion district, is the universally acknowledged symbol of the city. Like the Colosseum in Rome or the Leaning Tower in Pisa, no trip to Milan is complete without a visit to this graceful stone giant. Duomo 21, which, as the name suggests, is located right across the landmark by the same name, will allow you to dine, meet, work, sip cocktails and at the same time drink in the peerless view of the Cathedral and the square. In the fair months, we suggest you book the two open-air terraces for your meeting, product launch or business lunch. However, should the weather be less than ideal, you will still be spoilt for choice in this stunning venue. Its multilevel indoor spaces include, among other things, a lounge bar, a restaurant, and multiple well equipped meeting rooms. All spaces are highly customisable, to offer you the best possible experience. Whether you are planning a private meeting with your business partners or a sensational press day with live music and an exclusive after-party, Duomo 21 has what it takes to make your event truly unforgettable.

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Milan Science Museum: knowledge is power

events in milan museo della scienzaThere are times when choosing a venue for you event is a simple matter of practicality and value-for-money and others when there’s much more to it than that. Sometimes the location you choose speaks volumes about your brand identity and core values. The Science Museum in Milan is one such location: hosting your event in one of the spaces that can be rented in this prestigious institutions sends a clear message. It means that your event is set within a context of cultural, historical and scientific value. Whether it’s a presentation, a press day, a trade-show or a corporate party, your event will mean something different here. Apart from the abstract association of your brand to the values of education, knowledge and enlightenment, the act itself of renting part of the Science Museum will proof your active support of an institute whose mission, for over 50 years, has been to make scientific education appealing and available to the city and particularly to the younger generations. As well as using the provided spaces, you will be able to offer your guests unique tours of the museum’s collection and interactive labs.

The Pirelli building: an iconic piece of Milan skyline

milan venues events pirelliThis is, with the sole exception of the Cathedral, the most famous building in Milan. And no, you can’t rent the Cathedral for your event. But you can take your guests to the top of the Pirelli skyscraper and offer them the most breath-taking view they can possibly experience in the city. The 31st floor of this building, also known as the Piano Belvedere E. Jannacci, is part of an exclusive group of high-profile venues that the regional council has made available for private and corporate events. If you want your attendees to feel on top of the world, pull all the stoppers and go straight for the figurative and literal top of the range. Mostly used by multinational brands for official presentations and conventions, this unique venue is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual and conference technology, that will allow to do anything with your event, from shooting a professional video to streaming it live. Not only your guests will have a front-row seat from which to contemplate the spectacle of Milan’s sophisticated beauty, but they will be attended to by the venue’s highly trained and multilingual staff, thus making their experience a truly unforgettable one.

Palazzo Visconti

palazzo visconti venues events milanThe main floor of this aristocratic mansion in the central neighbourhood of San Babila offers five rooms and halls for private and corporate events. Weddings, gala dinners and exclusive cocktail parties are just as suited to these elegant premises as product launches, fashion shows and pop-up shops. After all, Palazzo Visconti has been playing host to all manner of elegant parties for over four centuries. It was built in the XVII by a Spanish nobleman, who originally called his prestigious Italian residence Palazzo Bolagnos. The building changed hands several times, passing from private owners to secret societies in a whirlwind of fights and conspiracies during Italy’s most troubled times of political unrest. This is the kind of venue you might want to rent if your event, as well as being very high-profile, is also supposed to be elegant and traditional under every point of view, from dress-code to entertainment. Guided tours are also available, for those who would like to soak up this venue’s unique atmosphere.

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