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Italy is among the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with tourists repeatedly traveling for days at a time to embrace the beauty of our art cities and our natural scenery. As a business travel destination, however, Italy has enjoyed a somewhat inconsistent reputation, although its ranking in this department has been rising steadily for a few years now. What makes international travellers so oblivious to the fact that the same place they chose for their family holiday might be the perfect fit for their corporate meeting? For some it is simply hard to associate the same destination to fun and to work, while others are worried that the language barrier, while manageable while on holiday, might interfere with them getting the level of service they expect in a professional environment. And then there are those, we suspect, that fear they simply might not be able to concentrate, due to the excessive amount of delicious food on offer and the tempting natural and historical sights that are never more than a short drive away from wherever their meeting is taking place. We, on the other hand, are very keen on helping you discover Italy as the perfect place to do business and host international events. We know for a fact that hosting your event in Italy will make it special and unique. Here’s why.

1. Because events should always be fun (and planning an event in Italy can be terrific fun)

It’s the old issue of work-life balance: how much fun are you allowed to have while you are working? Is it ok to be aware of work while you are having fun? Are working hard and playing hard two totally distinct aspects of a professional’s life? Of course you have goals, when planning a corporate event or meeting and of course those goals should be your priority, but factoring fun into the equation is likely to help you achieve them. If an event translates into a memorable experience on a human level, it is more likely to be equally memorable on a professional level. All work and no play, after all, has been proven to be a terrible idea. When it comes to work-life balance, the national stereotype would have us swaying dangerously towards the latter and forgetting the former. In truth, what Italy will offer to your business event is a healthy mix of high efficiency and a relaxed environment, that will invite your guests to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, while keeping a sharp focus on your professional goals.

2. Because we foresee the unforeseeable

Of course some stereotypes are founded in truth. As a young country Italy has spent the past 160 years putting institutions and infrastructures in place to respond to the needs of citizens and enterprises. Despite being among the most heavily industrialised countries in the world, this means that in some areas of our beautiful peninsula, certain technologies arrived later than in most of the western world. While the main cities developed at what can only be called a European pace, most towns and villages lagged behind in infrastructure, while matching their larger neighbours in ambition. How does this impact the events industry? In the field training that our professionals got: we think big, we plan and we achieve, even when the path has not been laid down for us yet. Even if your event takes place in a multicultural metropolis like Milan or Rome, you will still benefit from this can-do attitude: resourceful professionals, with outstanding problem-solving skills, will find creative ways of making your press day, business meeting, product launch or gala dinner unique and unforgettable.

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3. Because the catering will be sensational

National stereotypes again? Well, that one is actually true. Wherever you are in Italy, locally sourced ingredients and expertise will make every meal literally something to write home about. Whether it’s a six-course dinner or a basic catering for your boardroom meeting, quality food is a trademark of the Italian experience. From the most sophisticated recipe for lobster and prawns to the humble perfection of a pizza margherita, you will find yourself anticipating every meal and you will take pride in treating your guests to some of the most exquisite culinary experiences in the world. If you want to go the proverbial extra mile, you could also considering planning wine or cheese tastings as leisure activities for your guests. This is the one time you don’t have to avoid clichés. The moment you decide to go to Italy, your mind will start thinking about food: yield to every temptation, it will be glorious.

4. Because in Italy beauty literally is all around you

It’s really hard to drive for longer than an hour from anywhere to anywhere else in Italy without being stunned by beauty in some form or other. It might be the grandiose remains of the Roman Empire or the majestic profile of a mountain ridge, it might be an exquisite example of renaissance architecture or a breath-taking sunset by the sea, it might be a rich baroque church or the silvery shimmer of a pinewood forest. Wherever your event takes place, however dreary your meeting turns out to be, you will know for a fact that some or all of these sights are waiting for you and that you won’t have to travel very far to reach them. You will be spoilt for choice, when it comes to entertaining your guests after a hard day’s work and you will find that the best and most productive part of any meeting begins after the minutes have been reviewed and signed. After all, you can rent a boardroom anywhere, but you can’t rent thousands of years of art and history and the assurance that you will never be too far away from a dream-like natural landscape.

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