Attend GECO – the virtual trade show for sustainable tourism

GECO is the first Italian virtual trade show dedicated to sustainable tourism and it will be held from 28 to 30 January 2021. As we explained in a previous post, this unprecedented event was created with the aim of relaunching the tourism industry, paying special attention to sustainability issues. It is also meant to give a strong signal, to express a clear will to get through the current crisis by harnessing the power ideas and of innovation. After all, the tourism industry professionals are known to be resilient to an almost legendary degree. GECO will be an entirely digital live event: through our virtual event platform, visitors and exhibitors will be able to share a highly immersive and totally interactive experience. Why attend GECO? Let us give you three good reasons!

To discover the new frontiers of sustainable tourism

While we are busy managing one crisis, we run the risk of forgetting another. Our planet is suffering and the ecosystem that allows us to live and thrive is in danger: it is our duty to reassess all of our activities to make them more sustainable. Traditional tourism is a colossal industry with a massive environmental impact, but plenty of alternatives have emerged in recent years, to allow us to keep on travelling and exploring new destinations without contributing to global warming. GECO is the perfect opportunity for both professionals and travellers to catch up with the latest technologies, meet innovators, discover revolutionary projects, and learn about new practices and strategies that preserve the environment and promote sustainable economic development.

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To talk about mobility and sustainable energy

Sustainable mobility is one of the hottest topics of our time and it concerns both our daily commute and any form of long-distance travel. Many sustainable tourism enterprises have started focusing specifically on mobility, integrating sustainable experiences into their travel packages. At GECO we will talk, among other things, about greenways, cycling routes, new technologies, and smart cities. We will debate all the ways in which innovations in mobility can change the way we think about travel. The general public has begun to appreciate slow-paced tourism, to favour a more nature-oriented approach, seeking out travel experiences that don’t focus exclusively on the destination, but make the journey memorable in itself.

To discover all the technological innovations in sustainable tourism

Sustainable and responsible tourism has a very close relationship with technology. More and more startups are introducing new practices, platforms, systems for matching supply and demand, and new ways of experiencing travel while being mindful of nature and respecting local cultures and traditions. What does it mean to travel in the era of readily-available universal translators? How has the tourism industry changed at a local level, with the introduction of platforms that allow individuals to offer services that were once the exclusive preserve of professionals? Which experiences are more in demand and how can they be enriched to generate an increasingly interesting and relevant offer for customers?

Conclusions: why you should attend GECO

Attending GECO, whether you are a member public or a professional in this industry, is a way to participate in the future of the tourism industry, to help discover the solutions that will allow industry professionals to go back to work, perhaps with more sustainable practices, after we put this crisis behind us. The desire to travel is inherent in the human spirit: what we need to learn is how to do it in a sustainable and responsible way.

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