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If you have been following our blog, you will know how much we love creative seeding as a marketing tool, particularly for blogger, influencer, and media outreach. Today we offer you a concrete example from our recent experience. As severe restrictions were imposed on public events for most of 2020 so far, we experienced one of those peculiar surges of creativity that only occur when there are rules and boundaries. We wanted to turn our customers’ product launches into truly meaningful experiences. Since we were unable to organise our traditional and very popular press days, we began to ask ourselves how to offer our target audience an experience as engaging and memorable as that of a live event: hence our virtual press days and our creative seeding campaigns. This is exactly what we did when creating a “seeding box” to launch our client Aveda’s new line of hair care products.

Aveda seeding box: our goal

The challenge, with this project, was to turn the recipients’ experience into something akin to a press day, the kind that normally would take place on a beautiful terrace in Milan, on a sunny day. We wanted to create a real miniature event that everyone could live on their own, but that would still be part of a complex and satisfying shared experience. All of this, of course, had to be packaged in a way that would effectively convey the brand’s personality and values and highlight the product’s features. Everything had to be assembled in a surprising, exciting way. The packaging, of course, was paramount. In short, we wanted to create the premises for perfect unboxing!

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Packaging matters

When creating a seeding box, of course, we take particular care designing the perfect packaging. For Aveda, we chose a simple and elegant cardboard box, with decorative motifs recalling both the product’s packaging and the natural theme that is specific to this line of hair care products. We also chose a manufacturer that endeavours to support the planting of new trees to balance out the use of cardboard, thus making it our project truly sustainable. The “summer green” palette we chose for this particular box is extremely relaxing, with its deep hues of green and teal in perfect harmony with the natural colours of the packaging materials.

Picking the right gifts

The seeding box contained the five Aveda products, as well as a few other elements designed to complete the recipient’s experience. In order to make it as sustainably as possible, we chose not to include printed brochures or flyers, but instead to provide all the necessary product information on a wooden, branded USB stick. Besides being sustainable, this stylish, useful, and practical gift was also particularly appreciated by the recipients. We have also decided to include another small, nature-inspired gift: an air plant, presented in a branded wooden vase. Air plants have no roots and therefore need very little care, as they absorb air humidity to survive. We included this charming, practical gift as a reminder that Aveda draws direct inspiration from nature in all its forms, and promotes its protection and conservation. Finally, we included a branded cotton towel.

Why should a brand create a seeding box?

A seeding box is an ideal way to reach journalists, bloggers, and influencers. When creating a seeding campaign for a client, we take care of everything, from mood analysis to assembling and shipping. This allows the client to manage the entire seeding operation through a single point of contact, as the brand’s personality and values are reflected throughout the campaign.

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