Beach volley team-building in autumn? Yes we can! (come to Italy and find out)

beach volley team building

September is all about business. It’s back-to-school, back-to-work, off-to-trade-shows month and most companies take it for granted that their employees got all the rest they deserved during the summer holidays. Now, this may or may not be the case, but regardless of how well-rested they are, most teams will find it hard to get back into the swing of things and get used to each other again. That’s why – you guessed – we always suggest our clients kick off the new season with a team-building session. And the best thing about living and working in Italy is that, in most of the Country, a team-building session in September may well mean a beach volley tournament. Yes, you heard that right: beach volley, in autumn.

How beach volley can help your team grow

Have you ever been involved in an impromptu beach-volley match with people you had literally just met on your holidays? The level of communication and trust that you establish with a complete stranger when being thrown into the same team is beyond anything “normal” communication can attain. No amount of civilised conversation over coffee can get you to trust someone as much as shouting at each other in your swimming trunks for 30 minutes. That’s exactly what your team needs. Let them get back into the office with a few scratched knees and a smile on their faces, slapping each other’s back. We can promise you they will hit the ground running.

beach volley team building italy sports

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An unusual team building session

The only reason we are still able to organise this kind of team building in September, of course, is because the weather in most of the seaside regions of Italy is still mild enough to allow for a day out with a liberal approach to clothes. Moreover, because this counts ad “low-season” for most seaside resorts, you will be able to book entire facilities at a fraction of the normal cost, so that you and your team will have the entire place to yourselves. If you book a whole resort for the whole day, you could extend your team building session to include a barbecue on the beach – because, as we have already established, nothing strengthens interpersonal bonds as much as cooking together and sharing a meal. Most facilities will offer both outdoors space on the beach and indoor options, to ensure your team building session against bad weather.

beach volley team building barbecue

Turn your team building session into a party!

So, you took your team to a beach resort, they played beach volley and had a barbecue. What’s next? A party of course! Hire a DJ and don’t hold back on the drinks, let them spend the rest of the evening mingling, dancing, having fun and saying goodbye to the summer holidays in style! There’s still room for one more night of cold drinks and hot tunes, before going back to the workplace and making a difference. Because that’s what you want your team to do and that’s why you invest in team-building: you want them to make a difference, you want them to go the extra mile and give it their all. That’s how you do it.

beach volley team building party

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