BIT Travel Exhibition – Discover one of the most important trade shows in Milan

February is a vitally important month for the tourism industry: from the 9th to the 11th of this month, Milan will host one of the most important trade shows in this field. We are talking, of course, about BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo). This international travel exhibition has reached its 40th anniversary and, as usual, will draw a crowd of professionals and travellers from all over the world. Among the professionals, there will be travel agents, restaurateurs, marketers and project managers: all those, in short, whose activity is either directly invested in or in some way influenced by the influx of tourists in their specific region. Tourism, after all, is an ever-growing industry that influences the global economy on multiple levels. If you are planning to promote your brand at this year’s BIT, we have a few important tips you might want to check out!

What you will find at the BIT Travel Exhibition

The exhibition lasts for three days, only the first of which is open to the public – with the others reserved for professional visitors. These are, of course, the most important days for brands and firms seeking to reach out to buyers, partners and potential clients, most of which come from the most popular tourist destination in the world. The program includes several seminars and conferences on relevant themes, new technology, and future industry trends.

What you need to exhibit at the BIT Travel Exhibition

If your brand’s growth depends on or is somehow connected to the tourist industry, exhibiting at the BIT Travel Exhibition is the right thing to do. You will be able to build meaningful relationships with future clients and decision-makers from other companies, generate and nurture leads, and testing the public’s reactions to your new products. This is the right time to road-test your marketing strategy and build direct connections to potential partners, getting to know the industry and your competitors. Moreover, the BIT Travel Exhibition offers a few speed-meeting sessions for companies and professionals to match and deliver their fastest and most effective pitches.

What we can do for you

Exhibiting at the BIT Travel Exhibition is a chance for your brand to shine and we recommend you make the most of it. We can make sure your brand receives all the attention it deserves during the trade show, by designing and delivering an attractive booth, that will reflect your brand identity, finding and hiring multilingual staff to assist you and welcome your visitors, and providing a range of technological solutions such as interactive totems that will collect your visitors’ data and generate leads for you, maximising your ROI. If you want to strengthen your newly-formed bonds to international buyers and industry leaders, you might want to schedule extra meetings or organise business dinners: we will find the best venues and restaurants in Milan and manage your bookings and logistics.

Do you need help planning your visit to the BIT Travel Exhibition? Call us today!

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