The future of business in Italy: 3 existing jobs that may be top careers for the future.

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What will your future job be? That’s a tricky question for many, particularly at a time when hundreds of professions are rumoured to be on the way out, due to automation. While it’s not possible to make accurate predictions on what the job market will look like in ten or twenty years, we can definitely take an educated guess at what our immediate future will hold. Specifically, we are going to look at Italy and at the vacancies that might be available, over the next five years, to those wishing to work there. If you are contemplating the possibility of taking your skills, your know-how and your portfolio to Italy, you might want to take into account recent research, that shows what the future of employment and overall business in Italy might look like.

The future of business in Italy: 3 existing jobs that may be top careers for the future.

Are you working with Big Data? Italy needs you!

It comes as no surprise that one of the most significant changes in the job market is going to be brought about by the digital revolution. According to research by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, the need for large-scale digitalisation will be responsible for the creation of almost 300k new jobs over the next five years. Part of the turnover will take place in public administration, particularly in those regions that have been lagging behind in digitalisation. However, the private sector will also need to step up its digital game and a significant number of companies will want to harness the power of Big Data (for both market research and client management), artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. If your field of expertise falls into one of these categories, you might want to consider working or starting a new business in Italy. It is a well-known fact, at a time when many fear that automation will put them out of a job, that those who work to make automation possible are going to be the most employable professionals on the market.

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Italy goes green

The aforementioned research has also highlighted a less foreseeable shift in employment in Italy: one connected with sustainability. While the Country hasn’t exactly led the way, so far, in CSR, circular economy and environment-friendly industrial policies, things seem to be changing at an increasing speed. Both publicly- and privately-held companies are hiring professionals to help with the implementation of sustainable practices. This is the perfect time to consider starting any kind of green business in Italy or looking up companies expanding their workforce and creating new positions in this field. It is also a particularly prosperous time for consultants in the areas of sustainability, waste reduction and management, and renewable energy research. On the whole, this industrial cluster will grow to the tune of almost half a million jobs.

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Data protection and internet security

As a natural consequence of digitalisation, companies are going to invest more and more into data protection and internet security. Devolving entire clusters of tasks to automation, obviously, means that the vast majority of the data getting processed in everyday administration, in marketing, production and hr management will be elaborated with virtually no control by human operators, other than at the point of entry and exit. This makes data security paramount. The very survival of most companies, in the future, will depend on their ability to protect their own data, their customers’ data, their patents, processes and everything else that contributes to their identity and profitability on the global market. If you are considering expanding your data protection business to Italy or selling your internet-security products on the Italian market, this is the right time to do it.

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