Business travel to Italy: make your trip count

business travel to italy

Italians are known for being sensitive about family and friends. In like manner, business with them follows the same unspoken rules. This means taking a little bit of time to care and create friends genuinely. Investing in this type of close personal relationship will open the doors to lucrative deals. There are numerous incentives and profitable opportunities available to business in Italy. The country is a design and innovation powerhouse. It also has a vibrant renewable energy sector. The third largest economy in the Eurozone is also the world’s number one producer of high-end wines. It has a well-developed technology and financial services infrastructure. Make your business trip more rewarding by considering a few insightful tips to boost your success when you get there. This involves adopting a little bit of the Italian attitudes and etiquettes.

Tips for the business traveler

  1. Business is about communications. Anything you can do to improve the flow and efficiency of communications is profitable. For example, hire an interpreter or commit to learning the language.
  2. Align yourself with the social etiquette. For instance, it is best to discuss business over a meal at lunch. Small talk is encouraged as a social relationship comes first. This is especially true in the south. The north has a more westernized pace of doing business.
  3. Attire is an essential part of your presentation. Unless you are all on holiday, the Italian like to dress up formally. Bear that in mind and consider doing the same.
  4. Plan face-to-face meetings in advance. Have a business or contact card ready. Shake hands and establish eye contact. It forms an excellent base to build trust.
  5. Know where you are going. Do a little bit of research about your business destination. This will also tell you what sights in the locality are worth a visit.Stay alert especially when you transit through urban areas either in a private car, public bus or train or even on foot. Be aware and vigilant of your immediate surroundings to avoid security and crime related events on your trip.

Travel information

The Italian tourist information website contains intuitive information provided by the Italian government. This includes visa requirements, travel ideas and transport tips within the country as well as information on specific regions and favorite destinations.

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Attractions for the business traveler

Regardless of your business in Italy, there are numerous attractions worth your time if you can spare some. The key business capitals of Rome, Milan, Naples, and Florence all have incredible histories, archeological sites, breathtaking architecture and priceless art to keep the business traveler occupied. For example, Florence is at the center of Renaissance art and exquisite architecture. Visit the Duomo Cathedral and art galleries with celebrity-artist masterpieces from big names such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The city is reportedly the most beautiful city in the world and a rapidly rising fashion capital. It is a national economic hub with a vibrant industrial sector. Similarly, the city of Venice has long been associated with commodity merchants. It seems to ooze charm and class with a mystic and enchanting appearance of treading water. There are numerous architectural masterpieces such as churches, museums, and cathedrals. It is a fashion center for high net worth individuals. Similarly, the city is has a vibrant economy built around tourism, shipbuilding as well as industrial exports.

The capital of Rome is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy adventure and leisure tourism while on business. It is home to hundreds of global multinationals as well as numerous cultural and research organizations. The city is the country’s central economic hub driven by technology, financial services, tourism, research, and manufacturing among others.
Rome is also a cultural hotspot with a thriving music scene, film and performing arts, ancient history as well as medieval ruins. It is the home of exclusive design, fashion, and architecture.


Italy is a country with an incredible influence on modern religion, manufacturing, fashion, business, and technology. It also has incredible must-see tourist hotspots that will leave you wishing you had more time on your trip. Learn to create a rapport with your Italian friends for your business to achieve success. Take in the iconic sights and incredible attractions as you conduct your business.

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