Italian trends

travel again

When will we be able to travel again?

We all miss travelling, there’s no point denying it. However much we might have grown accustomed to working from home and binge-watching shows, we are all pining for things we used to love to hate, such as airport queues or sitting in a crowded...

success flexibility

Flexibility is the key to success during a crisis

How do companies plan for success in these confusing times? How does anyone? How do you build a successful business in a market as unstable and volatile as the one we are experiencing right now? If you are looking for inspiration in this sense...

event industry

How the event industry adapted to Covid-19

Event planners have suffered a tremendous blow this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed this whole industry radically, in a very short time. We all have had to adapt to a completely new environment in which the very core of our activity...