Events like they used to be: Cesare Paciotti fashion show

Today we want to take a little step back in time, into a recent past that seems strangely distant to us. The event is the Milan Fashion Week in January 2020, the last of what we call today the “pre-Coronavirus” era. In a prestigious venue – one of our favourites in Milan – an event was held that remained memorable for us, not only because our life and our profession as event organisers would soon change radically, but also because, on that occasion, the collaboration between professionals from different sectors made it possible to create a unique, engaging experience in a stunning setting with a magical atmosphere. We are talking about the wonderful Cesare Paciotti’s fashion show, for which we managed the location scouting and the catering.

A meeting between designers: Paciotti and Designincmilano

The magnificent visuals and spectacular layout that made this event iconic were the result of the meeting of two giants of Italian style. Next to Cesare Paciotti – the main brand and protagonist of the evening with his splendid collection – were the beautiful installations created by Vincenzo Sabatino’s Designincmilano. The inspiration of this team of design and architecture professionals created a vibrant, electric, and sensual atmosphere, with soft notes of dreamy innocence in a harmony of seductive vibes. The beautiful beds, artistically arranged along an imaginary corridor, dotted with doors that simulated the entrance to sumptuous suites, allowed the models to highlight the lines of the shoes in the new Paciotti collection with grace and elegance, while the guests moved freely between the available spaces, exploring new corners, discovering new perspectives and letting themselves be enchanted by the harmonies of shapes and colours.

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The location

When looking for an elegant venue in Milan, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Palazzina Appiani is certainly one of our favourites because it combines the beauty of the structure with the prestige of its history. Commissioned by Napoleon as a home for his family and to host his public appearances when he was in Milan, this neoclassical jewel offers endless opportunities to event organisers. The richness and elegance of the rooms offer the experienced event organiser a vast array of unforgettable settings that need very little work in terms of decor and atmosphere-conjuring elements. In this case, Vincenzo Sabatino’s excellent team selected a few specific items, artfully arranged to tell a story with very few brushstrokes, inserting touches of almost minimalist design within a setting already rich in style and personality.

We strive for excellence

When we think of an event that we would like to relive, these days, we think of this wonderful evening in Milan organised for Cesare Paciotti’s collection. This is what we have always done and what we will come back to do. In the near future, we will commit ourselves to provide our customers with online experiences that will grant maximum exposure to their brands, preserving the health and safety of all their attendees and their staff. And as soon as it is possible, we will return to seek excellence, as we have always done, organising events where we actually get to meet, spend time together in a shared physical space, and experience the wonder of art, design, and beauty in all its forms.

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