Check out these 4 amazing event venues in Rome

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There’s something different about planning a corporate event in Rome. While Milan focuses on performance, expertise and international connections, Rome will impress your guests with other unique qualities, qualities that can not be contrived, because they are innate. There’s something about Rome that no other city in the world seems to have. It’s not necessarily a defined quality you can put your finger on, it may have something to do with the light, the general attitude or the sheer weight of history, of which you become strangely aware as soon as you set foot in the Italian capital. When doing business in Italy, you will inevitably find yourself in Rome, at some point, wishing you had a lot more time to yourself, just to explore it at your leisure. If you have chosen the capital as your next business destination, we have a few tips for your corporate events. These four venues, for instance, will impress your guests and make your meetings, conventions and product launches truly memorable.

Check out these 4 amazing event venues in Rome

Aranciera: the orange garden

Aranciera orange garden venues in romeIt is a widespread tendency in most Italian cities to have historical buildings double as event venues, both for public and corporate events. Choosing a venue with a rich history and a distinct character will inevitably add to the whole event experience. The Orange Garden (Aranciera) is one such venue. Owned and managed by the local Environmental Policies Authority, it is often used for social, cultural and business events of various descriptions. The garden dates back to the XIX century and the original idea is attributed to the French administrators that, at that time, ruled over the city. The project, on a large scale, included the construction of several city parks. This was intended as the administrative office, as well as a hothouse site in which plants were supposed to be grown. Later on, the garden was acquired by the local administration. It was closed for the duration of WWI and opened again in the late ’20s. The Orange Garden is still the property of the city council, which makes available upon request for private and corporate events. If you want timeless elegance and rural charm in the heart of the city, among the vestiges of Ancient Rome, there is no better choice of venue.

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Galleria del Cardinale: prestige and charm

Galleria del Cardinale venues in romePalazzo Colonna is one of the best known and most beautiful historic residences in Rome. The palace as a whole does not double as an event venue, but three of its halls, known collectively as Galleria del Cardinale, can be booked for grand receptions. Technically, the Galleria is only one of the halls – the other two being the First Hall and the Oval Room. Upon request, the monumental hanging garden can be booked for your event too. This venue has its own catering service, provided by Relais Le Jardin, and it can cater to approximately 400 guests, with an extra optional 500 in the garden. This is one of the most prestigious and refined locations in Rome: not only the palace itself is historically and architecturally relevant and unique, it is also located in the iconic via della Pilotta, facing the famous Ninfeo Palace. The building, which has belonged to the Colonna family for 23 generations, presents layers upon layers of architectural styles: the original construction dates back to the XIV Century, but it was restored, adapted and added to in the XVII and XVIII Century.

Villa Miani: your appointment with history

Roma monte mario venues romeThe noble Miani family had this villa built in the early XIX century in what back then could be considered “the countryside”, on the Monte Mario Hill. The lush and carefully manicured garden, sporting its own lake is, to this day, one of the defining characteristics of this stunning venue. The view you will enjoy from this privileged position is unique: Monte Mario raises north-west of Rome and it overlooks the whole city. The Vatican is clearly visible, with the characteristic shape of St Peter dome, which makes for exceptional photo ops. Book this venue for grand events, with hundreds of guests you are willing to impress: the mansion itself cover over 21.000 square feet and it is surrounded by several acres of charming lawns and woodland. You will have plenty of scope for creative uses of spaces, as this neoclassical villa is surprisingly versatile and equipped with everything a modern venue needs. If the weather allows it, we suggest you serve cocktails on the terrace, which will give you the best of both worlds and the best view in Rome.

Cinecittà Studios: a modern classics

cinecittà studios rome venues in romeYou may not know it, but you have already been here, possibly hundreds of times. Some of the most celebrated masterpieces in cinematic history have been shot in Cinecittà and, if you book the studios for your event, you will find yourself in the very same location, surrounded by the very same props and equipment that brought countless masterpieces into the world. The studios or “theatres” vary in shape and size, from the smallest ones measuring a little under 5000 square feet, to the gigantic Studio 5, a favourite of Fellini’s, with its impressive 32000 square feet. There’s one thing to be said for organising corporate events in tv and movie studios: these are incredibly versatile spaces, whose primary function is to become, literally, anything but a studio. If that holds true for recreating anything from Roman stadiums to night alleys, it certainly means that you can shape them to fit the style of your gala dinner, convention, trade-show or private party. And, in case you were wondering, yes, you will actually be able to use original props and sets by internationally renowned designers. Specifically, you will be able to hold your event in the setting of Imperial Rome, which was recreated for a show in 2004 and has since been used for corporate events by brands such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton and HP.

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