Check out the hottest online marketing trends for 2021

online marketing trends for 2021

Online marketing tools are evolving faster than ever and, as our lifestyles turned increasingly more “connected” and social media took over an even larger slice of our daily interactions, platforms are scrambling to stay up to date and chase after each other with new features. As usual, we start our year by looking at what’s new and what we can expect in the near future. Check out the hottest online marketing trends for 2021!

Check out the hottest online marketing trends for 2021!

Instagram SEO will increase brand visibility

Back in November, Instagram announced a significant change in its search function. The popular photo-sharing platform now allows search by keyword (rather than hashtag), which makes captions a lot more useful and significant than they used to be. This is a game-changer for marketers, as it opens up a whole new content-marketing scenario in which captions will not only be meant to engage users that have already found the content but to drive new users to profiles as well. It makes sense to treat caption-writing as any other type of SEO writing since keywords used in these texts can increase the probability of posts and profiles showing up in relevant searches. As a consequence, content creators should also be more careful about sharing posts that deviate from the brand’s core business, since they run the risk of having the brand showing up in irrelevant searches, thereby watering down the efficacy of the content marketing strategy and the significant of reach analytics.

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Reels are everywhere

In other Instagram-related news, Reels are now a thing. In an attempt to compete with the rapidly increasing popularity of TikTok, the Facebook-owned social network introduced a new format of video content meant to encourage user creativity in the form of 15-30 second videos. In the new Instagram interface, reels are placed front and centre, which gives us an indication of the importance Instagram is attributing to this new function. When it comes to reel-friendly videos, however, brands are still way behind regular users in terms of engagement and virality. In 2021, we expect TikTok and Instagram marketing to develop new languages, rather than acquiring new tools, to tune in to the “zeitgeist” of these platforms, delivering the kind of snappy, entertaining, and engaging content that users want to see and share.

LinkedIn embraces its “human” side

LinkedIn has undergone several changes over the past year, partly due to the platform itself and partly to the organic altering of its users’ habits. Structural changes include the introduction of stories – about which many users are still on the fence – and of post reactions, in a clear attempt at emulating Instagram and Facebook and injecting a more emotional element into the professional interactions that take place on LinkedIn. Other new features include polls and live streaming. Marketers, so far, are still experimenting with the type of content needed, whereas users seem to appreciate the more human approach at a time when the barriers between professional and private interactions are becoming thinner and thinner. A more direct and casual attitude seems to be welcome, since it recreates the kind of interaction that would normally occur in an office or corporate event environment, both of which are currently unavailable to most professionals and sorely missed, particularly by those who were not used to working remotely.

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