China and Italy: a long-term friendship and a unique event

We often work with other service providers, in a B2B environment, to provide event services for international clients. Among the assets we can bring to a project, there’s a widespread network of connections that allow us to satisfy our clients’ every need, even the most unusual and extravagant ones. Our business partners and our customers know that anything they might require for their event is barely a phone call away. This summer we were asked to work with another provider to plan a unique event for a very important client, focusing on the relationship between Italy and China

The Project

Our client was an Italian travel agent, in turn required by their client to organise an event dedicated to new forms in traditional Chinese art, as part of a wider program of Chinese-Italian friendship. We have worked together in the past and we have had the pleasure of organising a number of events for Chinese entrepreneurs and institutions interested in investing in Italy. In this specific instance, the goal of the event was the introduction to Italian audiences of Chinese culture, in the form of traditional dance and art, in a spectacular show that combined the two cultures together. The event’s programme was spread over two days and it was meant for an audience of 500 people, mostly political personalities and members of the diplomatic corps from the two Countries, as well as university students and Chinese culture enthusiasts. We selected a unique location in Rome and took care of the event’s logistics and technical aspects, making sure the performers had everything they needed to create an awe-inspiring show for our attendees.

The Entertainment: China and Italy explore cultures

The first night was dedicated entirely to Chinese artists. 70 performers from Beijing, divided into 9 groups, performed several traditional dances, showcasing customs and art forms originating in different parts of China. On the second evening, two children’s choirs performed, as a testimony to the friendship between the two Countries. Italy’s ‘’Piccolo Coro Mariele Ventre dell’Antoniano Zecchino d’Oro’’ and the Yuying School Jinfan Choir of Beijing. The event achieved its goal brilliantly, promoting collaboration and mutual knowledge between Italy and China.

The venue

For this event, we selected the Antonianum Auditorium, a beautiful conference hall in central Rome. This magnificent venue has a long and distinguished history, spanning almost 70 years, with a glorious past and a high-tech future. This auditorium is well-known for its flawless acoustics and has been one of the most popular venues for music-related cultural events in Rome for decades. In recent years, it has adopted a set of new environmentally-friendly policies and it has been relaunched as an all-round corporate event venue, rather than just a concert hall. Recently restored, this multi-functional facility is the perfect place in which to plan an event that aims to astonish and amaze.

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