Christmas shopping in Italy: 3 gifts that your friends will love!

christmas shopping in italy

Last-minute Christmas shopping: that dreaded circumstance that we all promise we are going to avoid next year, only to fall right into it again, having lost track of time between September and November. In this respect, companies are not that different from individuals: both the small firm, where the founder gets Christmas gifts for their employees personally and large establishments, where the task is entrusted to an admin assistant, the sheer pressure of deadlines is likely to push the Christmas shopping further down the to-do list. As per our own tradition, we are going to help you with that, by giving you a short & sweet list of made-in-Italy Christmas ideas for your family, friends, clients, and employees.

The most famous Italian cookbook in the world

Who doesn’t love Italian food? The good news is, Italian cuisine is actually relatively easy to manage, once you know the rules. If you want to make a food enthusiast and amateur cook happy, you should include this book in your last minute Christmas shopping list. The original 1891 cookbook by Pellegrino Artusi, which has been translated into dozens of languages, can be found in most Italian homes and it is a veritable bible of Italian cooking, with recipes, techniques and little secrets explained simply and clearly. This is not only a useful tool and an endless source of inspiration but also a terrific read, that will allow you to do more than follow pre-established Italian recipes. It will give you a simple set of rules on which to build, improvise and get creative, while staying true to the authentic Italian way of cooking, from ingredient selection to serving.

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Authentic Italian extra-virgin olive oil

Company Christmas shopping can be tricky if you have to bulk-buy the same gift for all or most of your employees. No book, gadget or trip is likely to be universally enjoyed by a large number of people. Is there anything that can – as Marie Kondo would say – spark joy in everyone? We think we have the perfect solution for you: extra-virgin olive oil from Italy! Whether you like the delicate, fruity taste of Tuscan olives or the strong twang and inebriating aroma of the Sicilian or Apulian ones, you will find that most regional producers offer gift packages with two or three different varieties of oil, presented in small bottles and elegantly wrapped. This is the kind of gift that will never disappoint: it is delicious, safe for vegetarians and vegans, gluten and dairy-free, fancy without being pretentious and, most of all, it is incredibly useful!

olive oil christmas shopping in italy

Caltagirone ceramics

Many Italian regions and cities have a long and revered tradition of handcrafted ceramics, but none are so famous and appreciated worldwide as the ones originated in the Sicilian town of Caltagirone. These beautiful artefacts combine the charm of traditional craftsmanship with the grace and elegance of timeless design. Your first impression, when seeing them in a display window on a sunny Sicilian afternoon, will be one of cheerful madness, as if every hue of the Mediterranean world was dancing around you. Violently colourful and often imaginative in their designs and patterns, these ceramics come in many shapes and sizes, from decorative plates to flowerpots, from kitchen utensils to statuettes. The art of creating ceramics like these has evolved in Sicily, over thousands of years, into exquisite art. If you want to impress a special client or give something unique to the best elements of your team, look for Caltagirone ceramics online or, better yet, invest in an incentive trip to Sicily and buy them in the very place in which they were born.

christmas shopping in italy ceramiche caltagirone

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