Relaxing after a conference: a boat trip to the Borromean Islands

lake maggiore conference boat trip

Attending a conference can be inspiring and interesting, but it can also result in an exhausting experience, both physically and mentally. And the quality of the overall experience can have a profound influence on the attendees’ professional performance, afterward. When a team of professionals attends a conference, they will emerge from it at least slightly changed, one way or another. This is the case with a lot of major business event and our goal as event planners is to turn any such occasion into a catalyst for team motivation. For this specific purpose, clients often ask for entertainment to be weaved into the schedule of each event, particularly large and demanding ones, such as conventions and trade shows. Canadian Solar, for instance, asked us to plan a special day off for their managerial team, to wind down after a conference in Milan. We needed to create a meaningful experience, that would encourage the team to identify with company values while at the same time showing each team member just how much the company appreciated their work and individual contribution.

R’n’R – Rest & Relaxation after a conference in Italy

One of the perks of event-planning in Italy is that, at any given moment, you are never far away from a natural, architectural or historical wonder. Endless opportunities for rest and relaxation, as well as entertainment and cultural experiences, are generally one hour away at worst. And since we are very particular about only crafting the best and most unique experiences for our clients, we planned a luxury boat-trip on Lake Maggiore.

The Borromean Islands: a magical paradise close to Milan

When we think of a day-trip or an excursion, chances are the first image that comes into our mind is one of a picnic or a hiking trip. When visiting Milan, however, there are plenty more possibilities for interesting activities in beautiful landscapes. Lake Maggiore is only a short drive away from the city, but it looks and feels like another planet, compared to its frantic metropolitan vibe. Our guests boarded a yacht charter to the Borromean Islands, a beautiful archipelago set between the opposite shores of Verbania and Stresa. The three main islands in the archipelago are Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island). The latter is the only inhabited island of the group, while all the others, including the small San Giovanni Isle, and the Cannero Castles (three rocks that emerge from the water, but do not count as whole islands) present remains of medieval fortifications, as well as buildings commissioned by the Borromeo family in the XIV Century. On both the inhabited island and the deserted ones (which are exclusively touristic), nature combines with human intervention to create spectacular landscapes in which the local wildlife thrives. Our tour included a visit to all three of the main islands and a delicious lunch on the Isola dei Pescatori.

lake maggiore conference boat trip

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While it may sound cliché to say it, our clients’ satisfaction really is an event planner’s biggest reward. When your job consists in creating experiences, you are privileged to witness the effect that such experiences have on people. After years of team building and incentive travel experience, we learned that sharing significant memories and spending quality time together forges strong connections between individuals. This is particularly true when the experiences being shared are entertaining or relaxing ones, happening shortly after an intense professional engagement, such a convention or a conference. After giving 100% in terms of focus and commitment, the transition from the charged atmosphere of the meeting room to the cool lake breeze and the scent of exotic flowers can be quite exhilarating. Standing on the deck of a speedboat, as the island draws closer, is a moment of personal growth, of natural openness that makes us ready to welcome others and engage on a deeper human level. A team that has shared a moment like this will always be motivated and united, because individual members feel enriched and empowered by their shared memories.

lake maggiore conference boat trip

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