How to plan the Perfect Corporate Event: Case Study

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We were contracted by Vitaldent to organise a prestigious corporate event, with a unique team building activity for their national salesforce, in Milan. The goal of this kind of event can vary: from welcoming new employees into a consolidated team to sealing deals, from presenting new products or company policies to celebrating the firm’s achievements. While the specifics of each event are unique, however, there are elements that most corporate events have in common: they need to convey the prestige of an official gathering, while still creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the attendees.

The Venue

When we plan a corporate event at this level, we always tap into our network of local connections to find the best possible venue. We furnish the client with a range of options and, more often than not, they choose one of the beautiful historic residences, palaces and villas that can be found in many Italian cities. In this instance, the chosen venue was a stunning historical space, a XVI Century mansion in central Milan whose most famous and unique feature is its magnificent halls with frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo. Naturally, we booked the attendees on a guided tour of the Tiepolo rooms over their lunch break. If you ever want to impress your clients or employees with a corporate event in Milan, this is one of the best venues you can book.

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Afternoon break – murder mystery

We proposed a variation on one of our favourite team building activities: dinner and a murder. Only, in this case, we had our murder mystery happen during the afternoon break. There is something to be said for role-playing games taking place in such a distinguished venue. The history of the building itself makes it easier to suspend disbelief and pretend to be living and acting through a crime novel from the olden days. As well as providing a platform for the company’s tailored content, we struck a perfect balance of emotional engagement and plain fun. We also had the whole team-building activity filmed and then quickly edited into an emotional video, to be shown during the corporate dinner shortly afterwards. Sharing the video with the whole group helped us drive home the message of the whole exercise and consolidate our goals. The activity was designed to entertain, while helping create an emotional bond between team members. The evening was concluded with dinner at Cost – one of Milan’s most exclusive restaurants – and a DJ set.

The results: corporate event goals

The positive effects of a well-crafted event on a team’s mood and performances can’t be overstated. By creating a welcoming and energised atmosphere for all the attendees, companies can use corporate events to motivate and inspire their employees. Working team building elements into the event, in this instance, proved particularly effective. We got the absolute best out of our chosen venue while providing the attendees with a much-needed break from the more serious and demanding tasks on their schedule. And yet, even on their break, they got to hone skills that are proven to be useful in the workplace, such as problem-solving, blue-sky thinking, and the analytic thinking.

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