Pick the right venue for your corporate event in Italy this autumn

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Picking the right time to hold a corporate event is essential. You have to take into account variables such as the weather, venue availability and your attendees’ working schedule. Years of experience have taught us that autumn is the perfect season to plan your corporate event in Italy. If your scheduled activities include conferences, lectures and workshops, you will be glad for the mild weather. On the other hand, temperatures will be generally still warm enough to allow your guests to enjoy a cool after-dinner drink on a terrace or to indulge in outdoor leisure activities. Autumn has a special kind of beauty: as the leaves start turning bright yellow and red, most cities seem to wake up to a new year of exciting possibilities. When picking a venue for your autumn corporate event in Italy, however, you should make sure it respects a few specific criteria. We have a few tips for you.

Pick the right venue for your corporate event in Italy this autumn

1. It’s (not) all about the weather

nest 13 milan venues corporateWhen picking the venue for a corporate event, some criteria are obvious and self-explanatory: balancing budget against capacity and facilities, for instance, is a basic requirement of location scouting. However, depending on the Italian region you selected for your event, you might have to factor in widely different weather conditions. If you are holding your event in Southern Italy, chances are the summer weather is going to last well into October, which means you must be sure to pick a venue that offers air conditioning if needed and, if possible, an open terrace on which to serve refreshments. On the other hand, if you head for the Alpine regions or the northern lakes region, you might want to make sure there are indoor options for any outdoor activities you are planning. Autumn is also trade-show season more or less all over the world, which means it might be harder to find a venue and accommodation for your guests in the main cities, unless you book well in advance.

2. It’s (not) all about the food

italian style foodWhen business travellers visit Italy, their professional engagement are usually the second most exciting thing on their mind. The first item on their list, however loathe they might be to admit it, is the enjoying authentic Italian cuisine. Food is, after all, an essential part of our national identity and it is internationally perceived as such. When you offer refreshment at your corporate event, you should always strive for quality, and in Italy this means going as local and as seasonal as you can. Besides hot, cold and caffeinated drinks – to keep your guests both hydrated and awake – you should check with the venue manager to make sure the food they serve is locally sourced and that the offer is adequately varied. Many corporate event venues, particularly in the countryside, either own or partner with local farms that produce their own olive oil, cheese or vegetables. With such a wealth of delicious options available, it would be a waste to treat your guests to crackers and sandwiches.

3. Accommodation and transportation

vintage car incentive giftsIf you want your event to be a memorable and unique experience for your guests, chances are you will pick a venue that is surrounded by breath-taking natural scenery, rather than grey and imposing metropolitan buildings. This is, of course, an excellent idea, but it might mean that your selected venue will not be easily accessible. When travelling to the countryside, the coast or the mountains, don’t take public transportation for granted. Look into different options, including private transportation to and from the nearest airport. Some of the most remote venues offer accommodation as well as corporate event facilities, but you will still want to allow your guests to explore the surroundings. If the venue does not offer shuttle services, you will need to hire your own transportation. Transportation, however, doesn’t need to be a mere need: it can also be a pleasure. If you are planning to offer your guests a tour of the local region, why not do it on vintage cars? And of course, if you want your event venue to be completely and utterly over the top, you could try holding your corporate event… on a pirate ship!
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