Digital Christmas events are cost-effective and sustainable

digital Christmas events

This is going to be an unusual Christmas. The news on the pandemic front is relentless and often contradictory, we do hope for an end to the emergency, but what we know, so far, is that getting together to organise events still poses a health risk. Despite the ongoing confusion, fears, and restrictions we know one thing for sure, and it is that we need to feel connected and celebrate the season, one way or another. Many of our clients have asked us to design solutions for their corporate events. After such a complicated year, full of ups and downs, the need to reconnect, to strengthen ties with colleagues, employees, associates, and clients is stronger than ever. After spending the whole of 2020 experimenting with virtual event platforms and technologies, we are now able to offer many different, creative, and entertaining solutions for all kinds of online gatherings. Here is what we can do for your digital Christmas events.

All the advantages of digital Christmas events: reduce costs and protect the environment!

This complicated year has brought us several interesting discoveries. For instance, we were able to explore all the advantages of organising online meetings, team-building sessions, and press conferences. The technologies that have allowed us to stay connected during lockdown allow us to create events that are much more flexible than traditional ones, easy to customise, interactive, and rich with multimedia content. The real revolution, however, lies in the cutting of costs, which ultimately allows small businesses to access the highest levels of service, by saving on venue rentals, personnel, logistics, and all the other necessary expenses linked to traditional events. Another unexpected and positive consequence of the current situation has been the reduction in the environmental impact of events: a digital event does not require travelling and uses fewer materials than a traditional one, drastically reducing emissions, the use of fossil fuels, electricity consumption, and waste.

digital Christmas events

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Broaden your audience

Holiday season events can be an excellent opportunity to promote your brand or your online store. The good news is that digital Christmas events, unlike traditional ones, are not limited to local audiences. If renting a space in a high-traffic shopping mall allows you to reach thousands of people in a day, organising a big digital event expands the potential for contact to hundreds of thousands of users. The only necessary condition is the creation of interesting, exciting, entertaining online experiences that makes the most of the available technological platforms. In addition, even after the event is over, you will have a wealth of data and analytics on the users who took part in it, their behaviour, and preferences. All this information is essential for lead generation and for the improvement of your re-marketing strategies.

digital Christmas events

Corporate events: feeling close to your team when you can’t get together

So far we have talked about promotional events, but what happens when a company wants to organise corporate events for its team or collaborators, to strengthen bonds and reaffirm company values? Our platforms allow us to organise digital Christmas events that recreate the joyful and intimate atmosphere of traditional ones. We can design customised sets in specific locations (e.g. the company’s office, but also a TV studio or an all-digital 3D environment) and organise live streams with professional entertainers, high-level audio and video direction, and sophisticated moderation tools, we can organise creative and entertaining team building activities and even recreate the joy of a Christmas dinner and help you toast the holiday season with your colleagues, thanks to our exclusive catering delivery service, surprising your staff with customised boxes of Christmas sweets and a drink to celebrate the holidays.

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