Digital TopLegal Awards: how we rocked the format of this traditional event

One of the big challenges for the event industry this year has been to readjust the usual formats to meet new requirements. Some events are held regularly, from competitions to trade shows, from conferences to board meetings, whose participants are used to interacting according to precise guidelines. For all these occasions it was necessary to find digital alternatives, to package the experiences into entirely new formats that would be effective and engage the attendees. One such event is the TopLegal Awards, one of the highlights of the year in the legal sector, which underwent a radical change this year. We were entrusted with the task of organising the event, conveying the spirit of this traditional event in a new, entirely digital format.

TopLegal Awards: high-tech edition

When we were entrusted with the task of making such an important event with such a solid tradition accessible remotely, we decided to focus on creating a format that would focus entirely on the attendees’ experience. Breaking a habit is never easy, and it was our mission to take the guests on as enjoyable a journey as possible towards the event’s objectives. We chose to be daring, countering the historical institutional nature of this event with an interactive and even entertaining format.

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Technology at its best

We embarked on an ambitious project, choosing to use Virtual Production technology for the first time in a live stream. We reached almost 1000 people remotely, with 67 live award ceremonies, each of them with a live broadcast and with only the 2 presenters in attendance. They were an in-house journalist and a TV co-host chosen by us to add a strongly empathetic human touch, making the whole event flow smoothly and naturally. To achieve all this, of course, we used a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, managed by professionals so that multiple complex functions could be coordinated smoothly.

Real people in a virtual setting

We used the logo and event colours to create a virtual 3D set in which to place our event, giving the entire communication a visually consistent look. To enhance the content, we also produced three emotional videos (a teaser, an intro, and a ‘best of’ of the whole event), almost 300 bumpers to be used during the streaming, almost 150 sub-bumpers, and almost 150 video and photo extracts of the people interviewed during the event. Of course, we also took care of the communication of the whole event on all relevant platforms. The two presenters worked in a green screen room set up as a professional TV studio with 20 operators to ensure flawless live streaming quality.

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