Ecomondo: the European green economy tradeshow – Rimini, Nov. 8th & 9th


We live in troubled times, with post-industrial societies torn between the relentless forces of progress and the increasing awareness that we live on a planet with finite resources and we need to protect our environment. The recent signing of the Paris Climate Deal by China and the United States marked a pivotal point in human history, marking a decisive turn in the consideration in which our major super-power hold environmental issues. While this is a victory, in many ways, it does not mean that we do not have anything left to worry about. The only way of significantly reducing our impact on the natural life of the planet is the creation of a system that functions on premises of environmental awareness and the efficient management of the waste we produce. In other words, we need to reinvent our economy and make it green. If such themes strike a chord with you and the way you run your business, Ecomondo is the European event you will not want to miss.

What is Ecomondo

Ecomondo will take place in Rimini from from November 8th to 9th and it will offer all the green economy stakeholders in the Mediterranean area the opportunity to connect. This event was designed to support a cause (or rather a series of connected causes), but it is also a tradeshow, aiming to proof that sustainable, green and circular economy is also viable economy, capable of sustaining itself and generating profits. Hence the focus on networking, generating leads, creating value and closing deals, which is what ultimately prompts entrepreneur in every field to persevere and allows them to grow their businesses. Delegates and exhibitors from all over the world will be participating in this second edition of Ecomondo, thus making it a two-day-hub of professionals, entrepreneurs and decision makers. The 2015 edition counted over 100.000 participants and generated massive media interest, which prompted the organisers to repeat the experience and expand its reach.
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What’s new in 2016

Several new elements have been introduced to make this edition of Ecomondo even more relevant, such as the brand new Monitoring & Control area, focusing on emission control and air quality. The focus will be not only on the importance of keeping emissions low, but also on the professional profiles needed to implement clean air policies. This is just one of many ways in which the circular economy has the potential of creating jobs for skilled professionals. Among the new features of this edition, Utilitalia will be a particular favourite of firms and entrepreneurs. It is an open space that has been specifically equipped to allow tech companies and utility companies to network with prospective clients and partners. And of course no tradeshow nowadays is complete without a Startup section and Ecomodno is no exception. Start Up Green is a special project, in partnership with the “Ecomondo e Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile” award, aimed at supporting new and innovative startups operating in the green economy at any level, from technology development to waste management, from social innovation to ICT. This is a unique occasion for green startuppers to be in the spotlight and meet potential investors.

Circular Economy

What do we mean by Circular Economy? The term refers to a long-term plan the European Commission devised in order to rethink the whole idea of waste management and its role in the economic ecosystem. This plan has included new waste regulations, as well a series of projects aimed at helping enterprises transition into an economic system that keeps growth sustainable while encouraging competitiveness and creating jobs. Does it sound impossible? We assure you it is not, provided that the whole economic cycle is taken into account, from production to waste. Reusing and recycling, of course, play a huge part in the scheme, but there’s much to be done both at earlier stages of the productive process (such as packaging designed to reduce waste) and later ones (such as the management and sanitation of polluted waters and land).

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