A promotional event for football fans

Sport is the quintessential event: it aggregates, entertains, unites and amazes. And, of course, it provides the perfect framework for brand promotion. For all these reasons, we were thrilled to be part of a joint event by Gillette and Fubles – a brand new app that allows users to organise or join local amateur football tournaments. Sporting events are excellent promotional tools and they genuinely enrich the communities in which they take place. In this instance, the two brands organised a 3VS3 football tournament with unique prizes. The winning team was given an all-expenses-paid trip to Barcelona, which included a museum visit and – probably the most coveted part of the prize – tickets to the FC Barcelona – Atlético Madrid football match. We were tasked with organising the tournament’s final.

The tournament: a promotional event for football fans

The tournament’s organisation was fairly basic: it involved 16 teams from all over Italy, whose players had won a previous contest for Fuble’s top users. Of the 16 teams, five made it to the finals. The event we organised took place over the course of one day, with four rounds, each round featuring four teams, and the late-afternoon dedicated to the finals and semi-finals.

The organisation

Smart Eventi found the perfect venue for the occasion. This kind of event requires a very specific kind of venue, meeting precise technical requirements. First and foremost, we needed to have enough room at our disposal to fit a 3VS3 football pitch for a whole day. We selected a building with an urban, post-industrial vibe and rather dramatic lighting – which resulted in beautiful photos that made our amateur football matches look like major league events. We also worked on the event’s communication and visual identity, creating branded graphic elements to mark the different corners of the venue. We wanted both the event’s name and the brands to be visible and recognisable at all times. Naturally – much like in regular football tournaments – all players had shirts with the sponsor’s logo on them, but we made sure visibility was extended to all corners of the venue. We also hired one of the best firms in Milan for technical support and audio-visual services and set up a small stage for interviews, announcements and for our testimonials’ presentation (the event was hosted by an Italian television sports journalist and the editorial team of a popular football website.

football sporting event fubles gillette prize

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An unexpected prize

What could make such an event even more exciting for both the players and the public? The answer is an unexpected extra prize. Since the whole event was a resounding success, the sponsors decided to award not one but two prizes, offering a trip to Barcelona to the runners-up of the tournament, as well as the winners. This choice was meant to reinforce the idea that unity and fun, rather than competition, are the driving values of a sporting event. Football is about team spirit, culture, respect for the opponent, fair play and overcoming one’s own limit: it should always be a human experience, as well as a physical challenge.

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