A fashion show to remember: what we did for Simona Corsellini

We are living through a weird and scary time and learning to rethink events, human interaction, and the very concept of a workplace. We are learning that virtual “venues” can work admirably when it comes to showcasing products. Fashion brands pioneered this new way of organising fashion shows, with Armani’s virtual catwalks in January. Today, however, we don’t want to think of the future: we want to cast our minds back to a recent past when we organised our last fashion show in one of the most stunning venues in Milan.

Palazzina Appiani: this is what makes Milan unique

This historic venue is one of many features that make the city of Milan a unique hub for luxury events. This neoclassical gem is famous for its monumental lodge, which Napoleon had built specifically to give his addresses and inaugurate games. It is decorated with griffins and granite Corinthian columns. Why are we sharing this experience with you today? Because we want to remind you – and ourselves – that there is a lot of beauty waiting for us at the other end of this. And yes, we will change our habits in the future and we will learn that virtual events can serve their purpose just as well as traditional ones, but we will also go back to gathering together to celebrate beauty, to marvel at fashion and to shake hands over deals. And, when we do, the sublime Palazzina Appiani will be there, waiting for us.

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A memorable catwalk for Simona Corsellini

Simona Corsellini is one of the most interesting fashion brands in Italy, right now. Born in 2005, this Maison stands out for its effortless elegance, combining echoes of traditional Italian designs with a modern and international outlook on each new collection. We organised this catwalk in January, as a standalone event and not as part of the Milan Fashion Week. The stylist has since decided to embrace and support the #IStayHome initiative and, as well as cancelling all events even before the lockdown, and, since March 23rd, has started donating part of the revenue from her online store to a foundation that helps healthcare workers fighting Covid-19 in Italy.

What we did: a fashion event to remember

One of the best things about choosing a venue like Palazzina Appiani is that it does a substantial part of your work for you. You hardly need to think of decor, when you are standing in a mansion literally fit for an emperor. Signage and basic branding were enough, together with a catwalk and appropriate lighting. We also enlisted the services of the amazing Nicola Zucchi, a local DJ that created the perfect mood for the buyers and media representative attending the event. This is the kind of evening we want to bear in mind, as we work our way through this world-changing crisis. This is the standard we want to go back to, as soon as it is safe to do so.

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