One-off Ferrari SP3JC unveiled. It was commissioned by a Scottish collector

Ferrari SP3JC

Last month we examined a prime example of super-exclusive production when McLaren sold out a whole series of hypercars before even a single one was produced. The entire range was optioned by approximately a hundred buyers when it was still at the earliest planning stage. Enter Ferrari, with a move that current meme language could sum up as “hold my beer”. The most famous luxury car manufacturer in the world, as it happens, has just released a unique product, a series of one, which has already been produced and delivered to the individual client who commissioned it.

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Ferrari SP3JC: one of a kind

The Ferrari SP3JC is a stylish and almost minimal roadster (all things considered), whose mechanics and chassis are strongly inspired to the F12tdf model, with lines that are an undisguised homage to the manufacturer’s history, particularly its 50s and 60s models. It was a one-off commission by Scottish collector John Collins, and it was designed over the course of two years by the Ferrari Styling Centre. The body style reflects the client’s interest in pop art, with a retro design in vibrant blue and yellow on white.

A paragon of design

This is not, of course, the first bespoke model produced by Ferrari, but it is considered by many to be the highest point of the brand’s design evolution so far. The front engine layout of the SP3JC is highlighted by the car’s new and powerful side profiles. The front and rear have been redesigned too, creating a synthesis between the F12tdf and the V12-engined spiders that captured the imagination of both the car’s new owner and the designers. Horizontal slashes on the rear deck emphasise the impression of width and power and the taillights are a brand new addition to former models. The blue leather seats echo the bright Azzurro Met – coloured front, creating an impression of continuity between the body of the car and its interior. The colour scheme has been deemed unusual and even “funky”, but only by those who have never seen the designs that Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol created for BMW in the 70s.


Italian identity for an international icon

Ferrari is one of a few brand names that never fail to be mentioned, when discussing Italy’s national identity. It partakes in a general idea of style and uniqueness, brass without ever being too loud, over-the-top and always moving the bar of what elegance should be. It is thanks to icons such as Ferrari that the Made-in-Italy brand has built its reputation over the past century.

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