Formula 1 2016: gearing up for the GP in Monza

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Save the date: the Formula 1 GP is going to be held in Monza from September 2nd to 4th and already tickets are selling faster than Hamilton on a Mercedes. The news that the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza will be hosting the event again this year has been welcomed with relief and enthusiasm all over the country, as it seemed to be far from certain just two months ago. Monza being chosen to play host to the Italian race of the Formula 1 Gp championship is actually one of a few features of the tournament that have not changed over the past two decades, as the sport itself has seen major innovations and has grown in popularity, glamour and size of investments. This international event provides an excellent occasion to mix business and pleasure, as there is no better treat to offer your colleagues or clients than a front-row seat at one of the year’s most anticipated sporting events. If you are planning your business event, meeting or conference in or anywhere near Milan, September is the perfect time for it and Monza should definitely be on your radar for a thrilling day’s outing.

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What you should know before you book your trip

In the first week of September, Monza will be the hottest location in Italy and you would do well to start booking your stay in advance. Most hotels will be offering deals directly connected to the Formula 1 GP, but if your professional needs extend beyond mere accommodation, you should look into hiring local professionals to help you move smoothly from business meeting to R&R without missing a beat. The Formula 1 GP is one of the most popular sporting events in Italy and it attracts thousands of enthusiasts every year, but it is also a sought-after treat that companies offer their employees in the context of travel incentives and team building projects. If you are a professional traveller, booking hotels is far from being enough: meeting rooms, multilingual staff, secretarial help, transportation, meals and temporary offices should all be taken care of well ahead of the event, as they will be just as hard to come by as hotel rooms as the GP draws nearer. Monza is roughly 12 miles away from Milan, which means you might decide to stay in either city, depending on the specific requirements for your trip. While Milan offers more amenities, sightseeing and shopping opportunities, staying in Monza will save you a 45 minute trip on the day of the Formula 1 event.

When the Formula 1 GP in Monza almost didn’t happen

If you think the thrill of Formula 1 is confined to the racing track, you are mistaken: driving a discussion with national and international investors and interested parties can be at least as tricky as driving a Ferrari and just as potentially disastrous, should the discussion take a wrong turn. Italian Formula 1 fans have lived through a few months of anxiously scrolling the news for information, as fevered negotiations went on and the future of the GP in Monza looked uncertain. As late as June, only partial reassurances had been given that the Lombard city would be hosting the event as usual. The main concerns appeared to be financial and relating to the organisation of the GP passing entirely into the hands of ACI (Automobile Club Italia) for the first time, after years of being co-managed by a private firm. With high interests at stake and short tempers in play, it looked for a while as Italy was going to have its GP in Imola, if at all. The regional council of Lombardy stepped in to save the event, at a time when the chance of it being continued looked particularly bleak. As of this week, however, all the official sources seem to concur on the fact that the Italian race of the Formula 1 GP will be held in Monza again, at least for this year.

Monza and the Formula 1 GP, a history

78 out of 86 edition of the Formula 1 GP in Italy have been hosted in Monza. Only in 5 occasions the race was held elsewhere (Montichiari, near Brescia, in 1921, Livorno in 1937, Milan in 1947, Turin in 1948 and Imola in 1980). The GP was suspended altogether for two years after a terrible incident in 1928, when pilot Emilio Materassi lost control of his vehicle and crashed through the crowd killing 22 bystanders. The race was also suspended during WWII and resumed in 1947. The National Autodrome in Monza has been active since 1922 and it hosts GP2 and Superbike races as well as Formula 1. When it opened, the Autodrome was the third circuit of its kind worldwide, coming after the ones in Indianapolis (1909) and Brooklands (1907). The latter was closed down in 1939, thus making Monza’s Autodrome the second oldest permanent racing facility still in use.

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