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We were approached by a leading Italian brand about organising a corporate event that incorporated travel incentives, training and team building elements. Hosting this kind of event brings several benefits to both the company and its employees: it’s an opportunity for the whole team to gather together, assess strengths, discuss margins for improvement and also make memories, bonding over pleasurable experiences. When planning a complex corporate event like this, it is essential to start by discussing budgets and determine what the main goals for the event are. Having a list of priorities helps both the organiser and the client focus their efforts and allocate individual budgets. For this project we selected a destination that offers outstanding facilities, breath-taking natural landscapes and – of course – excellent food: the area known as Franciacorta.

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Location scouting: discovering Franciacorta

If pressed to define the confines of the subregion of Franciacorta, even the locals would be unable to agree on a definite answer. The denomination itself has existed for centuries and it appears to have been used to identify different territories at different times. It is generally accepted that what nowadays we call Franciacorta is an area stretching from the city of Brescia to the southern border of Lake Iseo. Today, 21 townships are acknowledged as being part of the Franciacorta region. Beside its exact geographical definition, however, the term Franciacorta is also used to refer to a world-renowned wine denomination. For this particular event, we selected a unique venue. L’Albereta is one of the most beautiful luxury resorts in the region, surrounded by magnificent scenic hills and vineyards. This is the ideal place for a relaxing break, in which to enjoy the pleasures of delicious Italian food and excellent wine. The resort has both a restaurant – the Leonfelice – and a bistro – the lovely Vistalago – with a stunning terrace overlooking Lake Iseo. Both provide a heady combination of genuine and simple food (their pizza has won multiple prizes) and world-famous wine. Naturally, this spectacular five-star resort provided both the required accommodation for our guests and adequate facilities for the required corporate activities.

More than meeting rooms

Most hotels will provide meeting rooms, but L’Albereta goes the proverbial extra mile and offers one with a spectacular view. Their beautiful “Sala delle Erbe” has a glass wall, overlooking the terrace. And we can guarantee any meeting will be improved by a stunning lake view. The terrace was also the space we decided to use for all meals and breaks. As part of our incentive programme, we offered our guests a tour of the renowned Cantina Berlucchi, with a wine tasting of the brand’s three labels. Each guest received a bottle of the prized Berlucchi 61 Nature Rose. To round off a productive and exciting day, we took our guests for dinner at the famous Due Colombe Restaurant, which is known for its unique take on local traditions and the accurate selection of fresh, top-quality ingredients. We also arranged for a live jazz band to play throughout the dinner.

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