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Crowdfunding platforms are everywhere: they are used to fund artistic projects, launch new products, send prototypes into production, support charities and even cover private expenses. They are so ubiquitous that some argue they have lost some of their initial efficacy: however much any individual user might be invested in multiple causes, they are unlikely to be able to contribute to more than a handful of them, which dooms most crowdfunding projects to failure. Enter Gamindo, a new app, created by a team of Italian developers, that will allow users to contribute to good causes without actually spending money. Donations will come from the advertisers on a free-to-play gaming platform. And, as usual, we are happy to give you a sneak peek into the most interesting developments of the Italian startup scene.


As most smartphone users know, it is a common feature of mobile games to measure scores in tokens, such as gems or coins that the player collects, that are generally increased when an advertiser’s video is watched. At the end of each game, Gamindo offers the player the opportunity to donate the financial equivalent of the collected tokens to a charity of their choice, within a range of available options.


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Gamindo will offer multiple games, developed or commissioned by the advertiser, that will not only feature the actual product in the form of video adverts but as an integral part of the gameplay. This maximises the user’s exposure to the brand while reducing interruptions, such as commercial videos. This new format is targeted to users between the age of 18 and 35, which are deemed the most engaged and the most likely to want to donate to charity, despite not always having the means to do it.

It’s a millennial thing

Gamindo allows what is essentially an audience of millennials and Gen-Zers to donate the resources they know to be more valuable: their time and their attention. Or rather, to trade these essential goods for actual money that is destined to charity. The developers clearly learned the lesson that came from experiences such as Patreon or Ko-fi: the younger generations are extremely interested in supporting projects and causes they deem worthy, regardless of what they might be getting in return. It doesn’t have to be a shiny new prototype: sometimes a pleasant gaming experience and a sense of personal gratification are enough.

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