Join GECO 2021, the first online sustainability summit

What should a sustainability-themed event look like? First of all, in our opinion, it should be… sustainable! And trade shows, like all major events, unfortunately, rarely succeed in being sustainable. Not only because it is logistically challenging to optimise a large venue’s energy consumption and reduce waste, but also because the large number of people travelling to the same destination inevitably has an impact on the environment. The first major exception in this sense is GECO, the sustainability summit that will be held from 28 to 30 January 2021. This is a large-scale, fully digital event, which will allow all sustainability-focused technology and innovation companies to meet, exchange ideas and interact in a sophisticated 3D environment, without having to travel or generate waste.

An online sustainability summit designed for companies with a vision

Sustainability could be the key to economic recovery. In fact, innovation and sustainable practices are widely pointed to as tools for creating wealth and jobs, as well as responsible objectives to be pursued. This is why GECO aims to bring together all companies and professionals working in these fields and pursuing innovation in all areas connected with environmental sustainability, from energy optimisation to waste reduction, from responsible tourism to circular economy. It will be a promotional opportunity for all brands that aim to maintain their visibility in this critical and delicate phase. And, above all, it will be an entirely sustainable experience, which will not require travel or waste, as it will take place entirely in a virtual venue, which all participants will be able to access from their devices.

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Digital trade shows are the future… and they are here to stay

Will we go back to organising “normal” trade shows? Of course, we will do it as soon as it is safe to gather and spend time together again. However, the lessons we have learned this year will stay with us, forming part of our experience and changing the way we approach this type of event. For many companies – especially small ones, who do not have a substantial budget for promotional events – the opportunity to participate in an online sustainability summit without having to travel has opened up new horizons. Virtual events, in fact, are also accessible to professionals who would normally not be able to afford long journeys to take part in a trade show. This increased accessibility is an advantage for the industry and the market in general, as it offers participants an unprecedented range of options. For this reason, events such as GECO will certainly be repeated, even using “hybrid” formulas, in the years to come

GECO’s focus

What can we expect from an online sustainability summit? What do we actually mean by “sustainability” anyway? The topic is very broad and can be considered from different points of view. We will certainly be talking about innovation, giving space to all companies that are committed to the development of new technologies for energy optimisation, new sustainable mobility models, or the creation of sustainable materials to replace single-use plastics. Sustainability, however, does not only mean technological innovation but also involves a new way of thinking about human activities: for this reason, plenty of room will be offered to discuss sustainable tourism practices and promote tour operators that stimulate a more responsible attitude among travellers, encouraging sustainable practices and a respectful approach to other cultures. Raising awareness one of the main goals of this event, founded on the firm belief that sustainability is not only a shared human duty, but also an indispensable tool for economic growth and the creation of opportunities and jobs that can help us through the current crisis.

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