Gourmet Food Festival – Turin – November 17th to 19th

gourmet food festival turin november 2017

The ultimate food experience in Italy? This year, it’s going to be the Gourmet Food Festival, happening in Turin from November 17th to 19th. International professionals from all levels of the food industry will gather in the regional capital of Piedmont for this B2C festival, powered by GamberoRosso. From farmers to bakers, from distributors to chefs and restaurateurs, from multinational brands to small companies, all those involved in the production, selection and preparation of food and wine will be represented. Foodies fom all over the world are expected to attend.

Foodies and professionals

Foodies are one of the most interesting and fastest growing market segments, and one that seems to know no crisis. This is particularly true in Italy, where culinary tourism is a significant and all-year source of revenue. The ever-growing popularity of cooking shows and star-chefs has contributed to the flourishing of an overall food culture that promotes healthy eating, the exploration of different culinary traditions and an increased awareness of the industries and processes that ultimately put food on our tables. As a result, events such as the Gourmet Food Festival draw two different kind of visitors: there are foodies, wishing to sample unknown delicacies and meet celebrity chefs, and there are professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs, who need to test the market, make new connections and be updated on new technologies.

Foodies, enthusiasts and professionals

This ambitious project, powered by Gambero Rosso and GL Events, aims at educating the public while at the same time providing useful connections for restaurateurs, chefs and food entrepreneurs. One of the most interesting aspects of the festival is the fact that its workshops and seminars are open to the public and they will present multiple opportunities for food enthusiasts to sample products and learn about their origin and to taste the creations of some of the best chefs in the world. Small, independent producers will also have the opportunity to meet de public directly, raising brand awareness among consumers, while at the same time meeting distributors and restaurateurs.

The Gourmet Food Festival

The Gourmet food festival will revolve around a large square, in which a series of events will take place, each revolving around a specific type of food. There will be bread-making and pizza-making workshops, show-cookings, wine tastings with renowned experts and seminars in which professionals will share some of the secrets of their trade with the public. There will also be mixology events and blind tastings, in which contestants will be called upon to identify wines and guess their region or country of origin, grape and denomination.
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