Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – the Italian premiere

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Sometimes, when planning an event, different elements just come together naturally, like they were always meant to be. Such was the case with the Italian premiere of the second movie from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. A film premiere can be a tricky event to get right: audiences tend to be highly sensitive to the overall atmosphere and one misjudged detail could spoil the magic. On the other hand, because movies tend to be marketed to specific audiences, event planners have an easier job of picking a theme for the evening and can lay down a clear set of rules to abide by, when exploring venue, catering and decoration options. It is a known fact that setting boundaries enhances creativity and problem solving. In this case, we had an array of exciting themes to work with, within the sci-fi universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – the Italian premiere

The prefect venue: sci-fi brought to life

There are two choices when selecting a venue for a sci-fi themed event: you can have a sci-fi set built, with painted outer-space backgrounds and spaceship-like structures your guest can climb in, or you can go for the real thing. So much of what we once thought confined to the realm of science fiction is now simply… science. That’s why we chose to stage this event in Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology. We specifically selected a wing of the museum that focuses on astronomy and space exploration. We wanted our guests to feel as if they were actually inhabiting the same environment as Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot and the Museum turned out to be the perfect venue. The interiors have a futuristic look about them, so that it only takes a minor leap of the imagination to believe that a blue-lit corridor will lead you to the deck of a spaceship or the gateway to an unknown planet. The museum has an auditorium, in which the actual movie projection took place, and we hosted the after-party in the space exploration section.

Designing the event: painting the atmosphere

When designing interiors for an event, it is essential to customise them to fit the chosen theme. Getting the vibe right is a craft, more than a science, and it requires set designers and event planners to work as a team and to be in tune with a specific audience’s desires, taste and expectations. After watching the movie, ideally, the audience should experience a seamless continuity of atmosphere and aesthetics in the after-party. Every experienced event planner will tell you that half the task of creating an engaging atmosphere consists of picking the right venue. This proved particularly true in the case of the Science and Technology Museum. Most of the decoration consisted in carefully designed lighting, that added a pop touch to the sci-fi theme. We also installed futuristic pods with framed art and stills from the movies and, naturally, several life-sized cardboard cut-outs of the most popular characters.

Catering: it’s all about the food!

Picking the wrong catering service for a themed event could be an event planner’s undoing: it only takes one out-of-character salmon-voulevant to spoil a Little Mermaid fan’s evening. Working with experienced professionals is crucial. On this occasion we contracted Zero Briciole, one of the top catering services in Milan, and commissioned a special, GoG2-themed catering. Among other things, our guests were served cookies in the shape of the most popular movie characters and a display of beautiful lollipops that looked like tiny planets on sticks.

In conclusion

Get creative! When planning a film premiere, a product launch or any other kind of pr or marketing event, it is essential to customise every aspect of it, making sure every last detail contributes to creating the unique vibe you need. Having clear goals and knowing your audience is essential.
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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Italian Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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