Why you should hold a team-building session away from the office

What’s the best place to hold a team-building session? There are several possible answers to that question, but most of them can be summed up in three simple words “not your office”. Sure, a company dinner at a local restaurant can be an excellent opportunity to get to know your colleagues, but when we get to organise a team-building event we like to have some fun with destinations and take our clients away for a few days, thus mixing elements of incentive travel with our original team-building project. In this case, we took a team of ICT workers to one of the most beautiful places in Italy: the region of Franciacorta.

Falling in love with Franciacorta

Franciacorta is rapidly becoming one of our favourite incentive and team building destinations. This is partly due to its incredible versatility as an event location and the variety of activities that work exceptionally well there, and partly to its breathtaking nature and scenery, and delicious local food and wine.
hold a team-building session in Franciacorta

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Travelling in style

Accommodation is another essential element to consider if you decide to hold a team-building session away from the office. We have a simple rule of thumb when it comes to selecting hotels and resorts:uncompromising quality, luxury and style are the way to go. In this case, we selected a magnificent 4-star resort, with a spectacular view of Lake Iseo and an executive Thai spa.
team-building session Franciacorta resort

The one thing you can’t forget if you hold a team-building session in Italy

Food! And wine! Ok, that’s two things. And this is particularly true when you select Franciacorta as your destination for an incentive-travel and team-building session. This happens to be the birthplace of some of the most renowned vintages in the world. Some of Italy’s most famous wines are produced here. Your coworkers won’t forgive you for neglecting to offer them a wine-tasting while in the region. On this occasion, we organised a visit to a local winery specialising in niche vintages that can’t be found anywhere else in the country and followed that with a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, with a special menu built on locally-sourced ingredients. We made the most of this opportunity by also organising a crash-course in wine tasting with professional sommeliers, so that our team could test their newly acquired skills.
wine tasting team-building session

The thrill of adventure

There’s more to Franciacorta than just vineyards and wineries. This is a land of spectacular natural beauty, ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds. That’s why, on the second day of this incentive/team-building trip, we planned a fun-packed morning of outdoor challanges, such as building a campfire, building a tent and hiking. In short, all the pleasures of which city-life so often deprives us.

What we achieved with our team-building session

If you’re considering organising a similar trip for your team, let us explain why that is an excellent idea and you should absolutely do it. A team-building session like this can bring tangible results in terms of improved productivity and an overall more harmonic workplace. We particularly recommend organising sessions like this for newly-formed teams, whose members don’t know each other well yet. Travelling together is an excellent ice-breaker. The same goes for consolidated teams that welcome new elements: building a campfire is an effective way of fitting in and getting the team-spirit juices flowing. We were delighted to learn, for instance, that ICT employees found this experience had boosted their team’s morale, and that they had had time to get to know one another outside their everyday working environment, forging actual human connections.

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