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homi lifestyle exhibition

September is a busy month in Milan: a buzzing program of exhibitions and trade-shows will engage professionals of several industries and pack their calendars with events, showcases, product launches and meetings. HOMI, the international lifestyle and design exhibition, will take place from September 15th to 18th, almost at the same time as the Women Fashion Week. This year’s challenge is the designing of a “10-dimensional home”.

New lifestyles, new challenges

Nomadic lifestyles have changed the way we think about space and redefined the very concepts of “workplace” and “home”. While most western societies, so far, have upheld goals of stability and geographically defined identities, both generation-X-ers and millenials are increasingly rejecting the idea of settling down in a physical place as a way of defining themselves. Living and working in the same place for a prolonged period of time, owning property and growing families within a local community is no longer the only way of planning one’s life and career. Living and working spaces need to evolve and become more dynamic and flexible, to accommodate the needs of highly qualified professionals who choose to lead nomadic lifestyles, in which the only “permanent residence” is the network of digital connections that allow them to work and to nurture personal relationships. What kind of spaces does this new generation of professionals inhabit? HOMI is set to contribute to their redefinition. What “feels” like home, at a time when the concept of “home” is being loaded with new shades of meaning? How do evolving lifestyles affect taste and fashion, when it comes to interior decoration and design?

HOMI Smart

The changing of lifestyles has prompted a surge in “smart” household appliances: as our need for connection and flexibility grows and evolves, so do our expectations when it comes to furnishings and appliances. HOMI Smart is an experimental project whose intent it is to explore the complex relationship between technology and design. Our whole concept of beauty has been redefined by the culture of social sharing and virtual aesthetic experiences are as meaningful to us as real-life ones. It is time for the sharable potential of a product to be factored into its design.

Launching your product during HOMI

The best thing about trade shows, particularly when you have a product to launch, is that everyone is going to be there. The worst thing about trade shows, particularly when you have a product to launch, is that everyone is going to be there. Including your competition. Carving your own opportunity to shine, in this context, requires careful planning and extra effort to make sure your event stands out in a calendar packed with memorable events. The same can be said for your exhibiting slot within any trade show: every detail needs to be designed with the sole purpose of reflecting and enhancing the core values of your brand. If you want to make the most of your presence at HOMI (or at any trade-show), you should also consider the possibility of hosting exclusive events for media, investors and buyers outside of the show itself: secret parties, private showcases and business meetings can add to your brand identity and maximise your chances of collecting useful leads and closing deals. For these purposes, you will need to find the perfect venue, hire catering and technical services often at a moment’s notice, find international and multilingual staff and promote your event through the appropriate channels. In a word, you will need local expertise.
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