How to celebrate your company’s 10th anniversary

Why should your company or your brand celebrate 10 years in business? There are plenty of reasons, which may appeal to different companies at different times, but one consideration is taking center stage in our society. We live in a high-speed world, in which brands and companies are born and disappear every day. This is particularly true within certain industrial clusters that are generally considered fickle and changeable, such as fashion. Therefore, if a brand manages to be around that long, to grow and develop with increasing success, a 10th anniversary is a cause for celebration. These and other considerations formed the basis for our work with SoAllure, a leading fashion brand for which we organised the 10th-anniversary party and fashion show, in collaboration with LoveStudio Partner.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary? Put the brand under the spotlight!

When celebrating such an important anniversary, you will need to create a memorable event, be it for the general public or a restricted professional audience. Reaching the 10-year milestone can be a powerful marketing tool and help you boost brand awareness. For instance, we chose to organise a vernissage during Milan’s Fashion Week, back in September, to reaffirm SoAllure’s identity as a key player in the fashion industry. We wanted to highlight the brand’s personality, its uniqueness and its trademark concept of modern and accessible elegance.

Soallure 10th anniversary

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Speak through your venue

Choosing an event venue requires a keen knowledge of your target audience. You will need to find the right space to speak to that particular segment and make them feel comfortable and engaged at the same time. We needed to achieve this for a selected list of stakeholders and fashion industry professionals, so we chose one of the most stylish venues in Milan, a masterpiece of minimalist design, plain and neutral and yet elegant, highly versatile and ready to be customised with lighting and decoration according to the client’s needs.

Who made the guest list?

Celebrating the 10th anniversary feels a bit like organising a birthday dinner: the guest list is an essential and delicate matter. In this case, we needed the event to be “exclusive”. It was originally intended for a restricted group of 50 sales representatives from the brand’s national stores, but it was later extended to other fashion professionals while remaining an invitation-only affair. We rounded up the list at 300 guests. Just like you would do for a birthday party, we wanted to mix and match, creating an environment for people with shared interests to meet and make memories, exchange ideas and enjoy a meaningful collective experience. There are elements of team building to this: when celebrating the 10th anniversary, a brand should always bring its team together and strengthen the bonds between employees.


A unique show

How do you entertain your guests at the 10th anniversary? The answer might be easier if, like us, you are dealing with a crowd of fashion industry professionals and aficionados: we organised a fashion show with a catwalk! The seven models featured in SoAllure’s latest collection campaign showcased the creations in an informal and intimate environment, combining the company’s trademark elegance and the feeling of exclusivity of a closed event, designed exclusively for employees and true fans of the brand. We also offered our guests a tasty aperitivo, care of one of the best catering services in the city, and a DJ set for the after-party.

soallure fashion show

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