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Decortè party

When two international brands come together, a celebration is in order. And when both brands, in their unique way, are icons of class, luxury, and sophisticated elegance, that celebration needs to be memorable. We were thrilled to be asked to throw an exclusive party to celebrate the collaboration of the Japanese makeup&beauty brand Decortè Beauty and the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, who has been asked to create the brand’s new packaging. The result of this encounter is a line of products that are the embodiment of minimalist beauty, elaborating on the Japanese and European concepts of style and elegance and finding common ground between the two cultures in the observation of nature, particularly of flowers and their harmonic geometries. We tried to convey all this through one party.

The first rule of party planning: WOW your audience

When your event caters to an exclusive audience, the kind of audience that is used to getting the absolute best when it comes to entertainment, you know that throwing a nice party is not going to be enough. You need something more. You need something extra, in every possible sense of that word. And, to achieve that, you will need to plan every detail very carefully. Ideally, you should be working on your event at least four to six months in advance, to make sure you don’t have to settle for the second-best option on anything, from the venue to the entertainment, from the décor to the catering. In this case, we wanted our party to be nothing short of epic.

Decortè party floral

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Hiring a top venue… and making it better

When celebrating the collaboration of two iconic names, it is essential to hire an iconic venue. We chose one of Milan’s top modern art museums and hired its most scenic hall, with a spectacular view of the Cathedral. We made sure the floral theme was very much a part of the event’s personality: it was echoed in the décor, in the setting of the tables, in the individual placeholders, in the carpeting of the hall and even in the bespoke cocktails. We went over the top with the floral arrangements, while still keeping several expanses of plain black to preserve the minimalist theme and highlight the products in their display cases.

Decortè party placeholder

Finger food frenzy

At this kind of party, finger food is an absolute must. And because our client was one of the top wellness & beauty brands in Japan, we asked the chef of the celebrated Nobu restaurant to design the menu. A selection of delicious sushi creations and macarons, almost too beautiful too eat, was served. The menu had everything to reflect our clients’ partnership: tradition and creativity, surprising experimentation and a classical touch. Our parterre of international guests, which included Hollywood personalities, celebrity designers and top managers of both companies, was delighted with the choice.

Decortè party food

Entertainment at its finest

The choice of entertainment should be a direct consequence of the event’s goals and the client’s personality. In this case, again, it was about culture, about the sharing of cultural backgrounds and tradition, about the celebration of beauty, harmony, and elegance. It called for entertainment on a different level than the kind usually booked for this kind of party. We hired a string quartet, presenting a selection of pieces that elaborated on the harmonies of traditional Japanese music, adapted for traditional western instruments. The music was possibly the best metaphor of the event itself: Japan and the Netherlands, East and West, were meeting in Milan and joining their “voices” in a harmonic creation that found its natural home in Milan – the most international city in Italy.

Decortè party music

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