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We have been talking about virtual events for several months now since restrictions were imposed on public and private gatherings because of the pandemic. We learned a lot and shared it with you. We explored some of the technological possibilities that allow us to create remote digital experiences that perform all the functions of traditional events. What has emerged is an industry in its own right, whose possibilities will continue to expand in parallel with the traditional event industry, as they add unique value and many advantages to the experience. This exploration has led us to expand our business and today we are proud to present Hypersmarter, the first Italian website dedicated entirely to virtual events.

What does Hypersmarter do?

Hypersmarter is a virtual events service, designed to provide all the digital solutions your company needs to reach its audience, from simple press conferences and product presentations to trade shows. We know that, for many companies, this is still relatively new territory and that’s why we follow our clients through every step of their projects, from concept to technical implementation, using some of the most advanced and sophisticated technological solutions on the market.

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What does it take to create a successful digital event?

The tools that determine the success of a virtual event are different, at least in part, from those required for a traditional event. Everything starts with a good landing page. The landing page is often the first point of contact of the public with the event or the trade show and for this reason, it must be highly customised, reflect the personality of the brand, and focus attention on the objectives of the event. Besides, this is also the first step of the funnel that leads to user registration, so it becomes as essential to create a clear CTA as it is to make registration quick and easy.

How do you manage user information during a virtual event?

Data management is a key point when organising virtual events, much more so than presence experiences. When you interact online, data is everything. Hypersmarter allows data management thanks to a customisable form, which allows you to create the most relevant fields for each event, to collect and organise all useful information about participants and exhibitors (in the case of virtual trade shows). At the end of each event, therefore, you will have plenty of organised information, which can be used to improve future events, to strengthen relationships with customers, to improve brand awareness, and to support future marketing analysis.

The question you always wanted to ask: what does a virtual event actually look like?

This question is on everyone’s mind, but many hesitate to ask it, perhaps out of fear of being disappointed. What do you really see during a virtual event? Often, promotional images show spectacular renderings of 3D environments, but in our experience, most virtual interactions result in a variable number of windows on your screen, where you see each of the participants talking from a different, usually poorly lit environment. Is this really what we should expect from a virtual event? Or should we get a VR visor and immerse ourselves in some sort of video game? Neither. What you can expect from a Hypersmarter event is a digital experience to be enjoyed on a normal screen, with high-quality and fully customizable 3D environments. What we offer is not a mere aesthetic experience, but above all, an event with a very high level of interactivity. Especially in the case of virtual trade shows users can communicate both publicly and privately, attend panels and conferences, make individual appointments, and much more. In the coming weeks, we will continue to tell you about Hypersmarter’s features and lead you deeper into the fascinating world of virtual events!

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