International incentive destinations: from Croatia with love

incentive travel croatia team beach

Empire Communication is a leading marketing company based in Veneto, and wanted to send its top performing employees on an incentive trip, to reward them for the outstanding results achieved over the past year. We were therefore tasked with planning a fun and entertaining itinerary, and work a team-building experience and a corporate meeting into it. The company was looking for an international destination, but they didn’t want the journey to be too long or to impact the budget too significantly. This is always a good way of managing the overall budget for incentive gifts: saving on transport will allow you to invest in better accommodation, and treat your team to a truly memorable experience once they have reached their destination.

The shores of Croatia

Since the company and its employees are based in Veneto, we selected Croatia as an incentive destination – and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it again for a summer incentive. Not only is Croatia easily reached from most European nations (and, which was vital to our project, closer to Veneto than most Italian regions), it is also a beautiful Country with unmatched natural landscapes, magnificent shores and beaches, excellent accommodation, and a vast choice of entertainment options. Our guests were welcomed in the Valmar Tamaris, a splendid 4-star resort on the northern coast of the Lanterna peninsula, overlooking a small bay with crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches.

incentive travel croatia resort accommodation

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Entertainment and team building

Can you really distinguish the two? Well yes, of course you can, but we strife to make the latter as fun as the former. And since we were staying at one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Europe, we were determined to let our guests spend as much time as possible on – or possibly in – the water. As part of the more strictly touristic experience, we arranged a boat trip, exploring the coast from Rovinj to Poreč, with plenty of opportunities for our guests to go swimming, diving and snorkeling.

incentive travel croatia boat

In Poreč, our guests had lunch on an exclusive seaside restaurant, before going on to a local club to dance the night away. And of course, when it came to team building, we took the opportunity of organising a cardboard-boat race on the hotel beach. The best part about this specific team building activity – which has long been one of our favourites – is that losing the game is as much fun as winning it. The point of it, in fact, is not to get to the end of the race dry and with a working boat (an achievement which is almost unheard of), but to relish the experience of building something together, with limited means and tools, but unlimited enthusiasm. Being able to have fun and laugh as the cardboard vessels inevitably dissolve in the water is a vital part of the exercise.

incentive travel croatia team beach

Incentive goals

This incentive trip was an all-round success and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. We pride ourselves in being present at all stages in the organisation, providing our clients with the best possible assistance and guiding them through their experience. As a result, we will be working together with Empire Communication again in the future.

incentive travel croatia team beach

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