Incentive destinations in Italy: sports edition

incentive destinations italy sport

A good team is one that has great communication, shared goals and a passion for challenges. Now, take this statement out of context and try to answer a simple question: what are we talking about? Are we talking about work or about sports? The answer is both and it’s no coincidence. Practicing sports, particularly team sports, will help you develop and strengthen qualities that will greatly benefit your professional life. That’s why a growing number of companies have been considering sport as a means of improving communication, of building team spirit and even of marketing their product. If you are planning your next incentive gifts to your team, consider visiting Italy and taking advantage of the great sporting facilities, venues and natural features in which to practice team sports. Here are our favourite!

Incentive destinations in Italy: sports edition

1. Lake Garda

garda incentive destinations sportThis is the biggest lake in Italy and visiting it and the surrounding area you will enjoy some of the most impressive sights in the Country. You could come every year and never experience the same journey twice: take placid lakeside strolls in spring and go swimming in summer, take some time to explore Sirmione and its ancient castle or go hiking in the hills and mountains. As you drive away from the towns and cities scattered around the lake, heading for the alps, the landscape around you will become wilder and wilder. We selected this magnificent region for an intensive travel incentive/team-building experiencethat included hiking, cycling and zip-lining. This section of the Alps is ideal for sports that are adventurous and challenging, but also safe enough to be approachable by non-professionals.

2. Lake Como

lake como incentive destinations sportThe scenery here is surprisingly diverse and charming: the mountain seems to rise majestically from the lake itself. The changing of the seasons provides an endless variety of atmospheres and paints the lake and its surroundings in a different palette every few months. Lake Como is a favourite hideout of stressed professionals from the rest of Lombardy, who flock here on weekends or on longer holidays, looking for some well-earned rest&relaxation. We, on the other hand, went sailing. As far as team-building activities go, sailing is the best and most complete option. There’s literally no quality required on a boat that will not be an asset in the workplace: leadership, a functional hierarchy, shared goals, resilience, efficient division of labour and, naturally, healthy competition.

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3. Val di Sole

val di sole incentive destinations italy sport trentino ortiseiWe have been mentioning Trentino-Alto Adige a lot lately. We can’t help it: this region is just too perfect. Come for the natural beauty, stay for the vibrant startup scene. Come for the delicious cuisine, stay for the history and architecture of its cities and villages. Come to kick back and relax in a nice hotel and stay for the hikes in the amazing natural reserves (yes, reserves, in the plural), for the canoeing adventures down rivers and creeks and for the spectacular mountain-biking trails. If you take your team to Val di Sole, you will be able to offer them a variety of different challenges, depending on the kind of qualities and behaviours you want to encourage or discourage. Nature will be your bet ally: all the sporting facilities you need have literally existed and been top of the range for hundreds of thousands of years.

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