Incentive Travel to Sicily: 3 top destinations in Italy!

Incentive Travel to Sicily

Incentive travel is a powerful tool in the hand of entrepreneurs and managers. It can be used as an instrument of internal marketing or as a premium service for top clients. There’s nothing new about either of these uses. What has changed over the past few years is the number and size of companies that can afford incentive travel. The whole incentive travel industry was born to cater to a relatively small market, composed of large multinational firms and top earners. The evolution of the whole travel industry, however, has expanded this market, creating options that are well within the range of small and medium business. Sicily is one of the most popular incentive destinations in Europe. Companies choose incentive travel to Sicily for the vast and varied offer of excursions and entertainment options on the island, the sheer beauty and diversity of its landscape and, of course, its world-renowned cuisine. Moreover, Sicily’s unique climate makes it ideal as an all-year-round incentive destination. Sicily has something for everyone. Try one of these amazing destinations for your next incentive travel program.

Incentive Travel to Sicily : 3 top destination in Italy!


In ancient times, Syracuse used to be one of the most important cities in the western world. This might be hard to believe from a modern perspective, considering the city itself is relatively small, and yet it bears the traces of its rich and ancient history. If you choose Syracuse as your incentive destination in Sicily, you should book a tour of the Archaeological Park of the Neapolis, one of the largest and most important archaeological sites in Europe – which contains the famous Greek theatre. This is the perfect starting point to explore the multiple historical layers that constitute Sicily’s identity. From the bronze age to the Norman domination. Continue your exploration of Syracuse’s unique heritage by visiting the fascinating Pupi Museum. The so-called “Opera dei Pupi” is a variety of popular theatre unique to Sicily, whose puppetry tradition continues to this day and has developed into a unique way of telling fantastic stories. If you visit Syracuse in the summer, you can bask in the Sicilian sun at the spectacular Fontane Bianche Beach, also known as “The Tropics of the Mediterranean”.

incentive travel sicily siracusa

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Taormina was among the earliest choices for incentive travel operators: its unique combination of history, art, natural beauty, and outstanding hospitality makes it the perfect destination for business travellers. Like many Sicilian cities, Taormina has deep roots in both the Greek and the Roman civilisation and has been fought over by major world powers for centuries. Continually inhabited since the VIII Century b.C., Taormina managed to weave its archaeological heritage (namely its own Greek Theatre) into its contemporary cultural life. Nowadays, it boasts one of the liveliest theatre seasons in the Country and an international film festival. When you visit Taormina, take the time to stroll through the quaint alleys in the city centre, where the medieval architecture of the fortified city blends into the classical tradition. We also recommend you book an excursion on Isola Bella, a tiny island immediately off the coast of Taormina, which is also a natural reserve.

incentive travel sicily taormina


Home of the most famous sweet wine in the world – the delicious Passito – Pantelleria is a tiny island off the South-Western coast of Sicily, actually closer to Tunisia than to Italian territory. Its unique position, delicate microclimate, and the rich soil that constitutes the vast majority of its land define it as a veritable miracle of biodiversity. It doesn’t take long to explore the whole island, which is why you should take the opportunity to slow down and savour each and every one of its wonders. From the beautiful lake known as “Venus’ Mirror”, that sits placidly in the crater of an inactive volcano, to the cave of Benikulà, with a thermal spring whose water comes out at a temperature of approximately 40°, creating a natural sauna. Pick some of the island’s world-famous capers, which grow spontaneously all over the island and are used in many local recipes, and sip a glass of Passito with your dessert, after an exquisite fish-based dinner. There’s a lot to see in Pantelleria, from archaeological sites to medieval castles: take your time and enjoy it all.

incentive travel sicily pantelleria

mauro from PAVIA, ITALIA [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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