How to arrange the perfect incentive travel plan for a large group

How do you design an incentive travel plan for a large group? Most companies are used to investing in incentive travel for small, selected groups. After all, incentive travel is mostly used as a motivating tool and a reward for outstanding results achieved or a way of making top clients feel special. Therefore the question is probably “why would you even have an incentive travel plan for a large group?” and the answers to that may vary. Company anniversaries and important milestones, for instance, are the kind of occasions that call for something special and unusual. In these instances, the celebrations should involve events that are extended to all the workforce, rather than a specific group. When that time comes, you will need to be prepared. In this post, we will share a few pro-tips to make sure your whole group can travel safely, comfortably and in style.

How to arrange the perfect incentive travel plan for a large group

Know your crowd

When you book an incentive travel plan for a large group, chances are not all of your team members will be one another’s ideal travel mates. If you don’t get to pick and choose your crowd, however, you should at least get to know it, before you select your destination. For instance, you should be aware of their average age and of whether or not there are significant age gaps between group members. A young, hip startup employing people in their early 30s might book its whole team into hostels and camping sites and choose excursions involving hiking trails, whereas a company whose workforce is composed of people in their 40s and 50s might have to opt for more traditional accommodation and less intense activities.

perfect incentive travel plan for a large group

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Plan your budget carefully

The first and foremost concern of most companies, when buying an incentive travel plan for a large group, is the bottom line. How do you budget for it, if you can’t reduce the size of your group? Start by working on the factors you can tweak, such as time and place. If you can’t afford to take your whole time away to an exotic destination for a week, find somewhere beautiful and close by and opt for a long weekend. Points for attaching your incentive travel plan to a pre-booked event, such as a conference or a trade show. Some of the most appealing incentive destinations in Italy, for instance, are located within a short distance of Milan and Rome, where most of the Country’s international trade shows take place throughout the year.

Book your trip

Once you know who your team members are and where they are going, you will need to book your trip. Most airlines impose limitations on the number of single tickets that can be purchased in one go and offer special group booking solutions for a minimum of 10-15 people. The upside is that group bookings generally offer a cheaper price per seat than individual bookings. The downside is that they take longer because you will need to request a quote and approve it, before you can actually complete the booking. Much the same can be said for accommodation bookings. Most booking websites offer similar options as airlines, with special procedures for large groups. Generally speaking, cheaper accommodation offers simpler booking procedures for larger groups. If you are focusing on hostels, for instance, you will be able to book accommodation for dozens of people through portals and automated systems, whereas hotels might need you to call ahead and make special arrangements.

Entertainment and excursions

The bigger your crowd, the harder it will be to fit in with any pre-existing group of people. Therefore, when booking an incentive travel plan for a large group, you should be looking at special options for excursions, visits to museums and local landmarks, and meals. Whenever possible, try to reserve entire facilities, so that your group won’t have to split, but also won’t be interfering with other people’s enjoyment of their own holiday. For instance, choose a small restaurant, rather than a large one, but have it reserved exclusively for your group. The same can be said of any group activity you might want to engage in. This will make the overall experience both easier to manage and more enjoyable.

incentive travel plan for a large group

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