Incentive trips to Sardinia: three must-see destinations

There are no wrong choices when visiting Sardinia. Which of course makes finding the “perfect” Sardinian destination all the more challenging – and exciting. When planning your summer incentive travel program, Sardinia should be at the top of your list of destinations: this region is so incredibly beautiful and diverse that you can visit it every year and never have the same experience twice. Of course, incentive travel planning goes much smoother if, like us, you have a vast network of contacts allowing you to access the best facilities and plan a variety of outdoor activities, as well as sampling the very best of the local cuisine. When a region is as fascinating and rich in attractions as Sardinia, the planning of incentive travel gets even more interesting than usual, because every team has its own specific needs and is composed of a unique mix of personalities that will respond differently to the various activities, trips and excursions on offer. Adventure holiday or luxury retreat? Extreme sports or culinary tour? Canoeing and mountain biking or wine tasting and team cooking? Only you can answer these questions when it comes to your team, but we can help you find the best of every option, to ensure you get a fantastic experience. Here are a few places you can visit when you travel to Sardinia.

The unique charm of Tavolara

Sardinia is one of the most famous islands in the world. There are, however, several smaller islands dotting the waters around it, that are not nearly as popular as they deserve to be. Tavolara is one such. If you are looking to uncover a small gem, look no further than this 1x5km island off the northeast coast of Sardinia, with its steep cliffs and lush flora. There is one location on Tavolara, called Porto Taverna, that we elected as our favourite place in Italy for a beach party. Seriously, there is no better way to kick off your incentive travel program than dancing and sharing drinks on this spectacular beach, with the emerald waters before you and the impressive silhouette of Monte Cannone towering over you.

tavolara sardinia incentive

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Mountain-biking in Barbagia

Back on the main island, you could travel to Barbagia, a mountainous sub-region of inner Sardinia. The only sizeable town in the vicinity is Nuoro and the whole area is dominated by the magnificent Gennargentu massif. This is the perfect destination if you are looking for a travel incentive à la “Into the Wild” (without the tragic finale). There are hardly any human settlements on these mountains, which makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking and orienteering. Commune with nature in a region whose hills are as hard as its language, and whose weather is as warm and welcoming as its people. We planned several travel incentives in Barbagia and will always warn our clients that this destination is not for everyone: you have to be an enthusiastic sports- and nature-lover to enjoy it. And if you are sensitive to the unique and majestic charm of a mountain landscape, you might never want to leave…

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Deep in the heart of Sardinia

Some of our clients simply want a true adventure. Something unique, thrilling, that literally can’t be accomplished anywhere else in the world. We are talking about the exploration of two caves in particular, which are located in the eastern part of Sardinia. The caves of Sa Oche and Su Bentu (the latter means “The voice of the wind” in the local language) are located at the bottom of the Lanaittu Valley and they constitute a unique ecosystem. Created through millennia of Karts erosion, they are majestic and complex structures. The wind howls through these hollow passages (hence the name) and lush vegetation grows in and around them. The caves, which are among the largest in all of Europe, can be reached by trekking paths that will take you through prehistoric Nuraghic villages. Once inside, you will find yourself inside majestic rock domes, with stalactites hanging from the ceiling and shimmering underground lakes. The sand that makes up the beaches in this area is made of finely ground quartz, giving it a peculiar glimmer and a unique texture.

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