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Travel incentive programs and team building, separately, have proved to be among the most effective methods of rewarding team members and customers for their commitment and loyalty, boosting motivation and increasing productivity. Therefore, when our client Omnisint – an official retailer for Samsung Electronics in Italy – reached out to us with a brief for a multi-purposed event, we knew what we had to do. We were asked to design and implement a luxury incentive program, during which new products would be presented to the 40 members of the salesforce from the company’s distribution network. We opted for a luxury retreat, offering our client’s team a short getaway, packed with fun and interesting activities, to frame the reception of the new product line within a positive context and motivate the salesforce to connect with it on an emotional level.

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Luxury incentive: our goals

Our client specifically wanted an intensively productive luxury experience, that would reward and motivate the salesforce with multiple opportunities for relaxation, but also cultural, social and sporting experiences. There was to be time for the official product presentation, but also plenty of entertainment to make the event truly memorable and unique. All of this was to be spread across a two-day schedule, be accessible to members of the salesforce coming from different parts of the Country and take place in a five-star facility. We do like a challenge, and we took this opportunity to book one of the most stunning event venues in Italy.

The venue

As we have said on multiple occasions, Tuscany is an excellent incentive and team building destination for a variety of reasons. With this particular project, it was not just the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage that prompted us to choose it as our event location, but also its convenient position, that makes it readily accessible from all over Italy, so that none of the participants had to travel too far to attend the event. Among the several, beautiful residences that can be found in the Tuscan countryside, we opted for the spectacular Relais La Cappuccina Resort, in San Gimignano, that offered five-star accommodation, a vast and well-equipped meeting room and a luxurious spa. We also picked a second venue, specifically, for our first day’s dinner. We took our guests to another resort with a millenary history: the beautiful Tenuta Guicciardini E Strozzi. Here they were offered a guided tour of the mansion, a wine tasting and an outstanding dinner.

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Getting the schedule right

Picking team building activities is never easy: not only they need to be equally engaging for all team members, they should also take into account the overall atmosphere of the event and play into it. Since the experience we were planning for our guests was shaping up have a historic vibe, with renaissance landscapes and medieval fortresses, we opted for a sporting activity few have the opportunity of trying in their daily routine: archery. We arranged for a flash-course, that would allow even those who had absolutely no experience of this sport to shoot arrows competently in a controlled environment. Once the basics were learned, our guests challenged each other in an exciting tournament. We conveniently placed the strictly professional activities, such as meetings and product presentations, as early as possible on the schedule of both days. Right after lunch on the first day and early in the morning on the second day. This serves two specific purposes. On one hand it allows participants to concentrate on the business at hand when they are well rested, at a time of day when the average person’s capacity for focus is at its highest. On the other it allowed us to pack the second part of the schedule with relaxing and fun activities, thus ensuring that the whole experience, for our guest, was sealed by pleasant memories, that would ultimately be associated with the product, the brand and the team itself.

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