The ultimate incentive: driving vintage cars in northern Italy

If you want to inspire your employees, reward their efforts and celebrate their achievements, you should consider offering them an incentive trip. If you also want to make your team more efficient and productive, you should combine said trip with an engaging team building program. Italy, of course, is the perfect destination for both. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to team building than trust falls and weird office outings: we have been organising incentive trips and team building activities for years and explored several exciting options, from extreme sports to games, from art to volunteering. We have taken our clients on rallies and hiking trips, quad racing and ziplining, canoeing and mountain-biking. We have organised every possible group activity from team cooking to Tibetan bridge crossing. Do we have a favourite? Of course we do: scavenger hunts. This is one of the most versatile and engaging among team building experiences, and it allows for great creativity when planning the details. For instance, why walk from clue to clue, when you could be driving a vintage car?

The Location: discovering Stresa

We originally planned this particular scavenger hunt in Stresa, a stunning medieval town sitting gracefully on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Its small alleys and colourful balconies tell the story of a traditional fishermen village, that survived for centuries on the plentiful resources provided by the lake. There’s a quaint, old-worldly charm about it, something that you’d expect to see in a vintage movie and that might make you think of the lemon-scented air in sunny Naples, rather than this lovely corner of Northern Italy. It was Stresa’s classic charm that inspired us to explore it using unconventional means of transportations, such as vintage cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

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Scavenger hunt: the ultimate team building experience

Imagine a fleet of 20 vintage Italian cars, the kind that you would picture Marcello Mastroianni driving, while Sophia Loren’s headscarf flaps in the wind. Then imagine driving along in one of them through the kind of landscape that you only ever saw on old postcards of Italy. And now picture your quest: once you have picked your car, you climb in, breathe in the satisfying scent of old leather, and notice a book on the back seat. The book looks old, it’s elegantly bound and it invites you to open it. Its pages contain cryptic clues, to get you to your first destination, as well as riddles that you will need to solve as you progress in your journey. You will find allies along the way: you will have to stop by shops and traditional workshops and talk to the owners, asking them for further clues to help you move closer to your final reward. Of course, the beauty of your surroundings will distract you: you will want to just keep driving around and enjoying the scenery, stopping by a local restaurant to sample the famous lakeside cuisine. But you will resist, because you know that a delicious meal with your colleagues is waiting for you at the end of the afternoon.

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Incentive travel and team building: a perfect combination

The point of incentive travel is to experience different places, different cultures, and to get away from the office and whatever your routine looks like. The point of team building, on the other hand, is to interact with your colleagues on a different plan than usual, one that subverts or negates normal hierarchies, promoting different perspectives and unusual exchanges of roles and competencies. Achieving both these goals at the same time makes for a unique experience, that will both gratify your workforce and allow individual members to see themselves within the team in a different way. This is about engagement and skill development as much as it is about entertainment and creating a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and thanking your team for their dedication and hard work.

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