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Located in the charming hills that surround Treviso, Conegliano is one of Italy’s many hidden gems. If you have been following our blog for a while, you might have noticed that uncovering such national treasures is one of our chief passions – particularly when we are looking for new and exciting incentive destinations. Therefore, when Aveda asked to organise a high-profile incentive program and corporate trip with elements of training, as well as relaxation and fun, we went straight for this stunning corner of the Veneto region. We selected, among other things, because it is relatively close to the sea, which allows us to add a beach day to the programme while keeping all the perks of a relaxing holiday in the country.

The accommodation: Relais Le Betulle

When planning an incentive trip or a corporate outing, selecting the right accommodation is a crucial task. The atmosphere of the hotel or resort you end up choosing will inevitably influence the impression each guest receives of the whole experience and the memories that they will take home afterwards. Relais Le Betulle is a magnificent 4-star resort on the Conegliano hills, close to the majestic medieval castle the city is famous for. It has a spa and a swimming pool, and also a fully-equipped conference centre. The latter was particularly important to us on this occasion. We were able to plan all the professional and training part of the trip in the conference hall, in a relaxed but productive atmosphere.

Aveda Relais Le betulle incentive

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Leisure and entertainment

The programme did have elements of training to it, but it was first and foremost an incentive trip. This means that we made sure to reserve plenty of time for relaxation and leisure, and we organised those activities with the same care and dedication we used for the more professional aspects of the trip. We took advantage of the resort’s position to plan a day trip to the nearby Jesolo beach. Since it was mid-July, our guests were glad to find a little respite from the relentless summer heat and stretch out on the beach or go for a swim. That evening, we organised a fun (and safe) cocktail contest. While the area of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is mostly famous for its wines, we wanted to do something different and unique for our guests and stimulate their creativity. Two teams had to challenge each other, creating and mixing the best cocktail. It goes without saying that none of the participants were professional bartenders, but everyone put their best effort into it and a great time was had by all (and nobody had to drive anywhere afterwards)

The secret ingredient in a perfect incentive programme

When we plan incentive trips like this, we are often asked why our staff is always physically present throughout the whole event. Why should we be there after the planning phase is over? The answer is quite simple: because the whole point of incentive gifts is to provide a memorable experience for our guests, allowing them to focus exclusively on having fun and pursuing their personal and professional goals. But we all know that, when travelling, the tiniest snag will quickly turn into a logistic nightmare, if not dealt with quickly. Our job is to make any possible issue go away before it has the time to manifest and ruin the atmosphere. This is the only way to ensure that our clients’ experience is always the absolute best it can be.

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