Instore marketing case study: increasing revenue by 300% in one day

Instore marketing

Instore marketing is a powerful promotional tool, which should be a part of both brands’ and retailers’ commercial strategies. When approaching marketing on an international scale, however, it is essential to take into account individual markets, in order to convey the most effective message to each specific audience. When doing business in Italy, for instance, successful international brands tailor their product launches and campaign not only to national audiences, but to regional ones, and rely on local expertise to target such audiences
efficiently. How does that apply to Instore marketing? In this post we will use our recent campaign for Estée Lauder’s Aveda to illustrate the benefits of accurate targeting.

What’s the point of instore marketing?

The point of instore marketing is, simply, to convert. Wait, isn’t that precisely the point of all marketing? To a certain extent, yes, it is. Instore marketing, however, offers certain perks that other marketing tools can’t match. First of all, when correctly planned, instore marketing converts almost instantly, thus providing accurate short-term ROI measurements. Secondly, it can lead to multiple purchases and client-retention, with long-term ROI projections that, while slightly trickier to measure, are no less attractive than short-term ones to both brands and retailers. It is no surprise therefore that, among our clients, an increasing number of international brands currently doing business in Italy have been requesting this particular service. The campaign analysed in this post was created for Aveda, a sub brand of Estée Lauder, specialising in 100% organic beauty products. We were asked to plan an instore marketing campaign for the launch of their new Aveda Texture hair tonic, at the COIN mall in Genoa.

From lead to purchase: converting on the spot

Any entrepreneur who has worked with retailers knows that getting your product on the shelves is but the first step. And it is no use unless you can also make it fly off those very same shelves. How do you achieve that? There are a number of ways to do so, but for the purposes of this article we will concentrate on instore marketing. The first requirement is, of course, enhanced visibility. Your product should be prominently displayed and easy to find, ideally placed at the entrance of the mall or supermarket for maximum impact. Once you have your stage, it is essential to use it competently, to deliver a consistent message. Everything, from the payoff to the decor, should represent your company values. In this particular case we were working with a brand whose core values revolve around such operative words as “organic”, “natural” and “healthy”, therefore we chose to decorate our stand to look like a vintage drugstore, with burlap sacks full of fragrant spices on the shelf, and a desk to match. We even provided our staff with vintage-looking uniforms. “Why would you set up a vintage drugstore to sell beauty products?” you may be asking. First of all, because the stand is not a place for selling, it’s a place for converting. And that’s a totally different matter. Our client was targeting a specific audience, that does not simply purchase branded products, but selects them based on lifestyle choices that convey ethical stances. What we offered our customers were five different varieties of organic herbal tea, that were given out for free, with an invitation to visit the Aveda store. By offering an alternative use of the same ingredients that are found in Aveda products, we were sending a clear message: if it’s safe to drink, it’s safe to use on your hair. The very fact that it is unusual to think of the same ingredients going into a herbal infusion and a hair tonic, made the campaign effective and successful.

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Packaging matters

Instore marketing is about details, particularly when it comes to packaging. Everything about the product, the setting and the decor should deliver the same message and be consistent with company values. In this case, for instance, we made sure that all the disposable cups and stirrers were made out of non-plastic materials, 100% organic and recyclable, thus reducing the overall waste of the whole campaign.

Instant ROI

This is probably the most appealing feature of instore marketing: ROI can be measured almost instantly. In one day we served over 600 cups of herbal tea and the local Aveda store tripled its income, compared to that of an average Saturday. The cherry on top of this amazing result is that this kind of promotion converts and retains customers effectively, which will result in further revenue down the line, as passers-by are converted into returning customers.

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