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investing in italy

Whenever the topic of investing in Italy is discussed, a few buzzwords will inevitably recur that tend to scare investors away. The dreaded Italian bureaucracy is one such, and so is perceived instability. Nonetheless, Italy remains an extremely interesting prospect for international investors, for reasons that might well outweigh the challenges and risks. International companies investing in Italy are usually drawn by the outstanding quality standards of its manufacturing industry and the highly skilled workforce. There are, however, further perks to investing in Italy, as several success cases over the past three decades show.

Rules change, resources grow

Perhaps the most puzzling element of Italian economy to foreign investors is the extreme changeability of the bureaucratic environment. The fact that rules can change quickly and often may cause concern in those who are not used to it, while those who are accustomed to such an environment take it in their stride with relative ease. As a result, Italian companies have developed an uncommon capacity to adapt quickly and effectively to new conditions – which just happens to be an essential quality for any company wishing to thrive in an ever-changing market. While rules change, however, acquired skills, talent, human resources, know-how and creativity simply grow, creating new and more useful assets for potential investors. Over the past three years, Italian institutions have been implementing policies aimed at attracting foreign investors. The Italian Trade Agency, in fact, has a whole department uniquely dedicated to supporting companies and ventures investing in Italy, offering comprehensive assistance on everything from bureaucracy to access to human resources. The minimum capital required to start a business in Italy has also been lowered, which – together with the labour-law reform, has made it easier for international investors to take action.

Investing in Italy means working alongside Italian talent

The idea of a company investing in a foreign Country may be viewed from both sides as a way of exploiting favourable conditions to gain advantages from the investor, rather than the Country. Years of international cooperation, however, have proved that the best results are to be achieved when foreign capital and local talent work together toward a shared goal and benefit equally from the endeavour. Moreover, working with Italian talent when investing in Italy is the best option, particularly in the fields of technology and engineering, where Italy has a solid and excellent tradition. Highly qualified and trained professionals emerge from some of the greatest universities in Europe – in fact, there are more than the Country can absorb. One of the main concerns of Italian economists and governments over the past decade has been the growing trend of over-qualified professionals in the STEM fields leaving the Country to find employment abroad. This is as often the product of a natural and healthy desire to travel as the outcome of years of frustrating attempts at securing a suitable position. Investing in Italy, particularly in the fields of technology and engineering, means having a wide pool of resources to choose from, a wealth of local talent with outstanding skills, already familiar with the Italian business environment and regulations.

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