Corporate Christmas gifts with an Italian twist

Corporate Christmas gifts can be a tricky business. At a time when it is most important to make your employees feel valued as individuals, you run the risk of treating them like numbers, bulk-buying gifts like standard Christmas hampers or office gadgetry. On the other hand, particularly if you are in charge of buying corporate Christmas gifts for a large number of employees – or even clients – you probably don’t have the time to go Christmas shopping for each of them individually, particularly because you are unlikely to know them personally. How can you buy corporate Christmas gifts that feel personal and unique without actually having a personal relationship with the recipients, all while juggling the rest of your work schedule? We would like to offer you a few options, all of which share that distinctive “Made in Italy” vibe that we all know and love.

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Corporate Christmas gifts with an Italian twist

Food! Of course

Panettone food Italian Corporate Christmas giftWell, what did you expect? Everyone loves Italian food, but few people outside of Italy get to taste it in all its authentic glory. It is traditional in Italy to include a Panettone or a Pandoro in any Christmas hamper. These delicious baked goods are generally available all over the world and, while they are relatively commonplace in Italy, they are mostly exotic elsewhere. As soon as you include a Pandoro or a Panettone in your Christmas hamper, the whole gift will acquire a distinctly Italian vibe. We warmly recommend you look into regional producers rather than big brands, as you are more likely to get the unique flavour of true, homemade pastry, rather than the standardised version, that has been blended to accommodate international taste. Panettone in particular originated in Milan, the regional capital of Lombardy, and to this day it is one of the city’s gastronomic symbols. If you want your Italian treats to be even less conventional, you could look into the regional equivalents originating from Central Italy, like the little known Parrozzo – a similarly-shaped and chocolate covered sweet, extremely popular in the regions of Abruzzo and Marche.

Wine! Of course

Italian Corporate Christmas gift wineNow, you might be aware that some of the intended recipients of your corporate Christmas gifts are gluten-intolerant or have other dietary restrictions that might prevent them from enjoying traditional Italian Christmas patisserie. If you still want to give them a quality gift to make them share in the pleasure of Italian flavours, wine is your best bet. You can never go wrong with a bottle of good Italian wine. Even non-drinkers will treasure it as a treat for their own guests. You don’t need to be a wine connoisseur to find a good and reasonably priced vintage to give your employees – and possibly a slightly more expensive one for the partners and clients you wish to keep happy. You could go for immortal classics such as Chianti, Barbaresco, Aglianico, Nero d’Avola, Negroamaro or Vermentino, or for slightly more unusual options, looking into sweet wines, such as Passito di Pantelleria or Moscato d’Asti, or splurge on some made-in-Italy bubbles with a bottle of Italian Spumante. Whatever variety you choose to buy, Italian wine will always make a classy and distinguished gift, that will make the recipient feel valued and respected.

Incentive travel: it doesn’t have to be a company outing

How much do you spend on Christmas hampers every year? Chances are you get a discount for bulk orders, but, particularly if your company has hundreds or thousands of employees, the bottom line figure is still likely to be in four or five digits. And this is for the kind of corporate Christmas gifts that people mostly pass on to relatives they don’t particularly like. As a result, you have spent money while doing precisely nothing to improve your relationship with your employees or their perception of the company as a whole – and you as a person, in particular. You know what gift can be bought at exactly the same price for multiple people while providing a unique experience to each of them? A travel package. Several tour and incentive travel operators will provide you with packages divided by price range, and you’ll be surprised to learn that a weekend package for two people might not be much more expensive than the hamper you had planned to begin with. By choosing packages by price range, you will allow your employees to pick their dates and destination, offering each of them a unique experience. How is this a “Made in Italy” gift? This question is easily answered: here’s a list of incentive destinations in Italy that will give you outstanding value for money!

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